Monday, March 5, 2012

Round 2 on tattoo

After a two week healing process, Master and shi were not pleased with the final result of her tattoo. So we went back to the tattoo shop and the owner (who didnt do the original tatt) told me to give it another week for healing and he would fix it to our satisfaction. The first tatt ended up looking like lines and dashes and we were not pleased. The second time around after several days of healing we are much more pleased with the end result.  It is much more defined as we wanted, shi is including a new picture of it. This was taken shortly after the artist fixed it. As it has healed it is looking better and better every day. It was very considerate of the owner of the shop to fix the tattoo and not charge us. Although Master did slip him a tip for doing such good work. To us it was important to get it fixed and done correctly since this is a mark of ownership from her Master for his shi!