shi's rules

I am shi. Everything i am belongs to Master.

My mind, body and spirit are his to do with as he pleases, when he pleases and wherever He pleases.
I own nothing, save for what he permits. I have no will other than to serve and obey my Owner without question.
Slavery is freedom and strength to be the woman i was born to be. It liberates and empowers me as His woman in the natural order of things, dedicated, intuitive, soft, strong, passionate and sexual. Putting my Owner first, knowing his likes and dislikes, freeing my mind, body and soul to Him is my daily goal.

As property, i will obey my Owner without question.
Though i will be totally obedient, my Owner may seek my opinion, which it will give respectfully. However, His word is final. I trust in him fully, knowing He does what he does for my own good and it improves and defines me as His Woman.
When in doubt, i will ask or seek permission.
Disobedience will lead to physical punishment as prescribed by my Owner, to which i will submit.

Discipline and Punishment
My Owner has the right to discipline and punish me as and when he sees fit.
I will be disciplined in everything i do.
I accept punishment by my Owner as a way of life.
I have rules to obey. When i break them, i will be punished as my Owner sees fit. I will submit to whatever punishment my Owner deems appropriate.

My body belongs to my Owner. I will make it available for his use whenever He desires.
i am his slut, beast, woman, lover and possession. I am a shameless, wanton, sensual and sexual being for the exclusive use, and direction of my Owner.

I will treat my Owner with absolute respect at all times.
I am "shi". (Others may use my previous name and titles at His discretion)
He is "Master", in private. HE may only be addressed by name when in public or at times specified by Him.
He will be greeted formally whenever He returns home, where i will be kept, naked in His presence. He permits me clothing in public, other than bra, panties, pantyhose and popsocks.
I will culture my own self esteem and respect as my Owners possession, and He will demand my total  commitment to pride in being His.

These rules are an ever evolving work in progress.