Sunday, October 18, 2015

Inner reflection

I sit here and think of Him. He is several thousand miles away and asleep at this time. My mind drifts over the last few weeks of our discussions via hangouts and emails. My body yearns for his touch whether it be tender or rough.  Yearns for the caress of rope on her skin, the kiss of the flogger against her buttocks, the crop enticing the breasts to turn red and bounce. Only 8 mores days till her body and mind bends to the will of Him.   Why is it that I crave the mix of pain and pleasure, the helplessness of being bound and not in control of what and when something will happen to her?  The desire to submit to his commands and directions is all consuming, to grovel at his feet and do as he asks of me. This is what I want, need and desire and thankfully I have found a man in my life that is willing to give that to me for me and for us. A true Master who is growing and learning earnestly just as earnestly as his little slut is for His touch.

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