Monday, October 19, 2015

opinions please

Do you find yourself struggling with the strong dominant part of you that you use every day, the one that makes decisions to do what you have to do in your daily life with the submissive slave inside you that grovels at her Masters feet, allowing him to do what he wants to you, binding you, using you at his pleasure and discretion. Treating you like the slut you truly desire to be. Do you reconcile the two or let one become more than the other. In our dynamic, Master is in control, i submit to his will and desires. We were talking tonight about recomitting ourselves to this dynamic when I return home. How things will  change, how he will decide what happens to me how and when and where. The word no will not be in my vocabulary. That what he says goes. I am his slut to be bound, disciplined, used, and punished when necessary. I am to become his wanton slut, always ready for him, his  commands, his desires, and his cravings. And to be honest, i couldnt be happier, that i am going to relinquish all of me to him. It is what i have wanted for a very long time and for various reasons it has never come to full fruition. But now we start a new chapter in our lives, so that we can become truly what we are.  Master mentioned tonight that i will push my boundaries, let my dominant streak come through and he has committed to me that if that happens i will incur a punishment. I want to strive to let the dominant side of me go to sleep, to rest while the submissive slave in me comes to the forefront. Do any of you struggle with this dilemna and if so how do you deal with it? What do you do or are made to do to be the slave that both you and your Master want and need? I know this is an internal struggle that only i can find the answer for but i do look forward to hearing what you all have to say.

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  1. I think all of us struggle with this. I'm a mom and thus I have to switch gears between the kids and Daddy--not easy! I don't think you can put that side of you to sleep, but it is possible to push it to the side so the submissive part can be in front.

    It takes mistakes to learn. Just set yourself on doing your best and rely on him to help you when you fall short.