Saturday, May 5, 2012

It seems like an eternity

It seems like an eternity since this one has seen the sun, overcast days, lots of rain and in some areas flood alerts. Been able to go out twice this week on her bike and hit the downtown area and managed not to get wet although it was a bit chilly. Today the sun is out, but its cold. Not going to let that stop me. Master and I are spending a quiet morning waking up with lots of coffee and soon we will head downtown together. I love going out with him, we hold hands, kiss like teenagers and occasionally grab each others bums! We are like that. And we dont care if anyone is watching or not. Its amazing how much love this one feels for her Master. Cant seem to get enough of Him! giggles. Any way this one hopes everyone has a great Saturday! Tilll later, bye for now.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Its been awhile since last post

It has been a while since last post and it was because I kept getting a warning about my blog, that somehow malware got attached through another blog and hitched onto mine. So I kept waiting to see if it would resolve itself. I took the risk of getting on my blog and it seems that whatever it was, it is harmless and I can post without risk to my computer and I hope to those that access my blog are alright as well. I am not computer savvy but my virus scan and other protections didnt pick anything up.

I am adapting to life as Masters slave, and feeling very content. He seems happy with his slave, and as he works through the week, I do things that maintain the house, dinner, shopping, etc. Master has been dealing with alot of issues at work, stress and i do what i can to help him de-stress and maintain a comfortable home for him. He makes me feel loved, cared for and in turn i hope i am giving him all he wants and needs. Something tells me that that is the case.

What i love most is the quiet times we spend together, either at his feet as he brushes my hair, or curled in his arms as we cuddle on the couch. Or when we head to bed and i am comfortably curled up against his naked flesh. Hearing his heartbeat against my ear, as my head is laid against his chest. He gently wakes me up every morning with a kiss and words of love as he heads off to work.  Then i curl up contently and drift back off to sleep for a short bit before starting my day. My love for him continues to grow stronger and more deeply than i could even imagine every day!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Round 2 on tattoo

After a two week healing process, Master and shi were not pleased with the final result of her tattoo. So we went back to the tattoo shop and the owner (who didnt do the original tatt) told me to give it another week for healing and he would fix it to our satisfaction. The first tatt ended up looking like lines and dashes and we were not pleased. The second time around after several days of healing we are much more pleased with the end result.  It is much more defined as we wanted, shi is including a new picture of it. This was taken shortly after the artist fixed it. As it has healed it is looking better and better every day. It was very considerate of the owner of the shop to fix the tattoo and not charge us. Although Master did slip him a tip for doing such good work. To us it was important to get it fixed and done correctly since this is a mark of ownership from her Master for his shi!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

feeling very docile today!

After a weeks respite due to mother nature, last night shi wantonly devoured her Master, and Master put his shi to use well. So much so that for some odd reason, shi had the uncontrollable giggles. Master thought it was cute, but shi was embarrassed. Do not know if any of you experience this, but its that giggle that just wont stop, and leads to eyes filling with tears, gasping for breath and just really uncontrollable. And anything can set it off. Thank goodness it was after Master really pounded into his shi. It was that kind of fucking, primal and deep and every nerve in ones body to tingle, with grunts, moans and screams that could not be held back. Shi slept very well last night and woke up feeling very much docile and so wanting to continue to please her Master. After a morning of going to register with a doctor, to be in the system and able to maintain the depo shots to prevent pregnancy shi came home and baked a loaf of banana bread, just for her Master. So now its cooling on a rack, and waiting for her Master to come home, share dinner and then enjoy the banana bread for dessert. Shi may slice some fresh fruit to go with it.  Shi has been sitting here smelling the baking bread, and her thoughts wander to her Master. The feelings of contentment, security, and love flowing through shi, she sits here feeling very fortunate to have met the man that not only meets her needs but allows her to meet his as well. We were destined to be together, and that affirmation is confirmed every day no matter what we do. Shi is a very lucky slave!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Masters' surprise

Master surprised his shi when He arrived home from work. With a bunch of roses and a lovely card for Valentines Day. Yes its a day early, but he will be out of town tomorrow for his job, and wanted to surprise her tonight. Needless to say, it made shi grin from ear to ear and his card was perfect for the two of us and what we mean to each other. He is so loving, caring, considerate and shi is very lucky to have such a wonderful man in her life. Shi loves her Master with all that she is, heart, body and soul!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whew! busy sunday

Today was spent sorting out our bedroom, we moved some wardrobes into the room, and a dresser drawer set,  and re-positioned the bed. After we moved it, Master thought shi was crafty, since theres very little room between the foot board and the far wall. Since that is where he binds her to the bed to whip her. Shi never realized the issue till the bed was moved. So it may not stay there. Master should always have access to his shi and the way he wants to use her. Spent almost 5 1/2 hours sorting it and the smaller room for our playroom. A small wardrobe to hang Masters toys in the door. With drawers for the smaller toys, giving him easy access to the times he wishes to use his shi in the ways he desires to. So now just relaxing on the couch together, as shi blogs, Master is searching a catalog for a new vacuum cleaner since the one shi was using seemed to have burnt out. It was almost 9 years old after all.  So we will have a quiet evening at home, recouping from our day. Still have to sort dinner here in a bit. But we just snacked so not very hungry right now. Hope everyone had a lovely Sunday!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


As Master stated, shi is now permanently marked with Masters mark, this is something we have discussed for a very long time and it finally came to fruition. It is only a few hours old, so still a bit red. But as the days go by it will look less angry. Master and shi are very pleased. This is my second tattoo, so shi knew what to expect. It was very comforting to have Master there, gazing into his eyes and holding his hand as the artist did his work. It helped shi to remember to breath through the pain and process it as it happened. It was truly wonderful walking out with this fresh mark, its approximately 1 1/2 inches by 2 inches big. And shi loves it! It is very much like Masters signature so it seemed appropriate to have that on my skin permanently. Master searched on line for ages for something to this mark, and He came across exactly what He was looking for at a cathedral close to our home. He knew immediately when he saw it that is what he wanted for shi, and shi agreed completely. It has been a very good day! :)

A good day! Yay!!

It's been a great day! 
Lunchtime, shi and I both had our eyes tested. New glasses will be ready on Wednesday.
Then, mid afternoon, shi had my mark tattooed above her left breast. Yep, shi is owned, now with collar and mark to show it.
I am a very happy Master.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Slavery, the Ying and the Yang

There is  common conception of slavery. Chains, whips, pain, harsh discipline and submission. To live this lifestyle 24/7 would be hard, if not impossible over a long period.
Before shi and I came together in RL, we agreed that our lifestyle would need balance if it was to avoid "burnout". Neither of us have an asbestos constitution!
There also has to be a certain practicality to everyday life, so I work, shi tends to the home and our everyday needs, just like a vanilla relationship, with a few twists. Lets face it, we won't get far without cash, and the home would soon become a dump without attention. So some roles are forced on us by necessity.
We have our "play-time", which is getting firmer and longer to build endurance and tolerance. Cuffs, chains, whips and paddles all have there place in our relationship.
But that's not all...... I have  responsibility, as shi's owner to bring out and enhance the real shi. There are times when a firm thrashing works well, other times a relentless fucking does the trick. That's what slavery is about, is'nt it?
A couple of nights ago, shi pulled her floor cushion to my feet as I was sitting on the sofa. shi laid her head on my thigh and snuggled up against my leg. Pretty soon my fingers were running softly through her hair, and shi was totally relaxed. Then I spotted it. The wooden hair brush that I bought for shi. It's one of those oval wooden  brushes with a handle, idea for ass spanking.
As shi was nicely relaxed, breathing softly against my thigh, I reached out for the brush and put it to good use ........ brushing her hair for what seemed like a long time.
It was an intimate, spontaneous moment for both of us and not at all out of place and I know that we both enjoyed it.
My point is that though there are times of pain in shi's slavery, this is balanced by those tender and intimate moments that  are nothing to do with sex.
Ying and Yang...... It makes it work and it increases the intensity.

a busy wednesday!

Woke up this morning, took a hot shower, and got dressed, spent part of the morning sweeping the living room, dining room and kitchen, got the dust bunnies out from various pieces of furniture in all the rooms.. Then tackled the kitchen, Master and i spent last weekend clearing out the clutter, and decided we would get some hooks for some of the cooking utensils along the back splash of the kitchen. Hung about 14 little plastic hooks and lined up the utensils along the wall. When all was said and done, came into the living and proceeded to work on my latest cross stitch project..Next thing i knew i heard a crash in the kitchen, one of the hooks fell off the wall. Damn, so hung it back up and then through out the day various implements pulled off the wall, repeatedly crashing and shi saying "damn" get up go in kitchen find the hook, and rehang it. This happened repeatedly. They are small plastic hooks with adhesives and stuck on ceramic tile wall, they should stick and stay! They didnt. damnit. So got a brilliant idea and found some velcro squares and removed the adhesive on the hooks and replaced it with that. For the most part most of them have stayed. One did fall during dinner, so shi got up, explained "Damnit, and rehung it, and as shi types this another one just fell, damnit! Something tells me, shi will wake up in the morning and there will be several cooking utensils all over the counter and plastic hooks god knows where! Anyone have a better idea to hang these things? Dont want to drill holes in the tiles since Master rents here. Anyway, after dinner, gave Master a gentle facial massage and he repaid the kindness by giving shi a lovely relaxing foot massage.. mmmm shi is relaxed and content. And is very happy to be with her Master after such a long wait.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Busy Tuesday

Just got back from three hours of shopping in the town centre, got curtains for the living room (not the ones we liked since they didnt have them, but alot less expensive) And they will fit nicely with the wall color and compliment the door curtains. Purchased some self adhesive hooks for the kitchen. A few odds and ends. 2 belts to help hold up my pants. And some long sleeve shirts and sweaters. All on sale, woot! So spent alot less today than i had planned and i am sure Master will be pleased with that! Even the curtains i choose were 30 pounds cheaper (do not have the symbol for UK money on laptop). Bought a small gift for Master, but wont share that yet till i give it to him. Oh got some chocolate croissants for dessert tonight. mmmm so thrilled i found them, they are a weakness of mine. Enjoying a coffee at the moment and thinking of taking a quick nap so shi will be up and about when Master comes home from work.  Any way a successful day for me and i am sure Master will be pleased with the results. Bye for now all.

Monday, February 6, 2012

mundane monday!

Finished my first project, a crocheted lace shell afghan in a muted blue grey for our couch. It took me about a week to make, have been crocheting since I was a child. Master was surprised to see how fast i finished it. And was pleased to see the results. So now it drapes our sofa to be used when necessary. Saturday when we ran errands we went to a hobby shop and i picked up an oriental counted cross stitch kit. Its very pretty and Master very much likes oriental items. So it will be a fun project to do.  So that is my next project and it will take longer than a week to complete. But i look forward to doing it.  I spent the day washing the bed linens and starting on the kit and oh yes also took a hot shower to take the ache out of my back. Me thinks yesterdays activities twinged me a bit, but i am not complaining. (grins).. Had a raucous battle with the king size duvet cover today, but all in all Master said i did not do too bad. Duvets are not used in the states as much as they are here it seems.  But we will cuddle in bed on clean sheets and a clean duvet so its all good. Master often calls me during his lunch  at work and i look forward to those calls. I am making it a habit to send him a text to just let him know i am thinking of him and sending him my love either in the morning or the afternoon. Wont bother him too much at work, do not want him to get in trouble.  We share the cooking of dinner or i will do it some nights and he opts to too. Tomorrow if the weather holds, i will be going out on my own shopping for curtains for our living room, we found a style and design we liked on line and i am hoping the store has them in stock. Thinking also of picking up another lamp for our bedroom, one that gives ambient lighting as opposed to the stark light that floods the room. We picked one up on saturday for the spare room and i like it alot, may get exactly the same thing for our bedroom. May also go looking at some clothes for me, i brought some, but i think i need some long sleeve shirts to add to my clothes. But that all depends on the weather. Dont like going out when its rainy and cold even with an umbrella. Would rather stay indoors and do housework or a project or two.  So anyway that was my day. Master came home and we had dinner and now just sitting here watching tv and i am blogging a bit. Goodnight all. (smiles warmly)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

mmmm a delish Sunday

As shi stated yesterday, there was suppose to be an afternoon of more pain and pleasure, but due to our errands we did running around yesterday, shi was drained. It was probably a combination of the snow and all the walking and shopping we did yesterday. Shi fell asleep on the couch and slept for nearly 3 hours before being woken and taken to bed.
This morning was spent on a good hot breakfast and a decluttering of the kitchen, while listening to some awesome tunes on the ipod over the speakers.  Then Master took his shi upstairs and in to the spare room we went. He stripped her naked, and had her on her knees. Then shi followed her instincts and proceeded to indulge in her Masters cock in her mouth. Shi gently led Master to the bed and as he sat, shi deliciously worked on his cock for a few more minutes. He was warm and thick and ooohhh so delicious.  He then stood and had shi kneel by the bed, his tools laid on the bed for easy access. Her upper body laid across the bed, her long hair gathered to the side of her neck, exposing her back and bare butt to his pleasure. He then proceeded to to use his various tools to warm her exposed back and butt. Pushing her slightly with the pain he wrought on her warm skin. Floggers, belt, crop and other things shi lost track of. Master breaking with soft fingers caressing her hot skin. Sinking deeper and deeper into the pain as her skin stung and felt very warm. When shi was sufficiently warmed up, He had her kneeling on the bed, and placed a bullet vibe to her sensitive clit, and made her cum with it. Shi trembling from her orgasm collapsing on the bed, turns over and eagerly and wantonly takes her Masters cock deep into her. Her head thrust over the side of the bed, his body crushing hers as he fucked her well. Causing her to growl and moan under him. His fingers tightly grabbing her hair as their bodies rocked violently together. Shi's fingers grazing across his back, gripping him tightly to her. Her burning back and butt, grinding against the duvet, as Masters cock thrust in and out of her. Grunts and growls escaping both their lips as Master came into his slut. Collapsing together in such lustful desire. Curling up in each others arms, breathless, sweaty and very very content. Master knows how to tap into the lust and desire of his shi, and shi makes Master very happy being wanton and 'greedy' as he calls it. And shi cant think of a better place to be. When mind, body and soul melds with her Masters wishes and desires of her. Taking her deeper and deeper into her slavery..... mmmmmmm........

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nothing like waking up with a delicious ache!

Master is sleeping and shi has been up for about an hour. Drinking coffee and attempting to wake up. Last night Master leashed and cuffed shi and took her upstairs to the spare room. he clamped her nipples with clamps. He had her kneeling on the bed on all fours, with her ass prominently up in the air. He had promised her he would mark her well. He had a variety of tools laid on the bed next to his shi and shi believes he used every last one of them. Between the crop, a short bull whip (i am not sure what else to call it, its less than two feet in length but looks like a mini bull whip,but omg when He uses it full force, I did explain, " omg what was that?) paddle, and various floggers, shi's ass was well warmed up and marked. With body sweating and warm skin tingling, and a bit of trembling muscles, Master then turned shi over and proceeded to fuck her well. It was what was needed for both of us as the week had been very busy for Master and a bit stressful for shi. The clamps came off  and omg, the sensations coursing through shi's nipples made her squeal and squirm. When Master was done with her, we snuggled on the bed in each others arms for a bit and he proceeded to play with her clit. Making her cum a couple of times for him, bucking and writhing under his hand. Breathless, sweaty and completely content, we laid in each others arms for a bit. Shi slept very well last night and Master promised more of the same when we return from running some errands later today. Shi's body tingles in anticipation of what Master has in store for her later.
Till then, Shi hopes everyone has a wonderful day/evening wherever you all are!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lazy Sunday!

Shi woke up around 9:30 am, her Master an hour later, we spent the morning enjoying coffee, a cig, and some cuddle time on the couch.. Then around noon, we decided to have toast from homemade bread that Master made a day or two ago. Spread with butter and jam. More coffee ensued.. ( We are both avid coffee drinkers)
We watched a bit of tv, then a bit later enjoyed some lunch that Master cooked, omelettes with cheese and mushrooms, more coffee, washed up the dishes and then he leashed his shi and dragged her upstairs. Laid her on the bed and proceeded to fuck her well. It went on for quite a while, both of us short breathed, sweaty and well spent. After a brief respite, he decided to clamp his shi's nipples and played with her clit till she came. After a bit more cuddling, we proceeded downstairs and my wonderful Master cooked dinner. Whole chicken, cabbage and roasted potatoes. Ice tea to drink, which causes me to giggle, cause shi drinks alot of ice tea from home, and here (in shi's opinion) its a foreign concept. Which causes me to giggle. Yesterday when we were out, we had pizza hut for lunch, and shi made some observations, sodas are not served with ice, ice tea is non existant, the salad bar is definitely different than what is in the US there were things on it that i didnt recognize. And the pizzas are definitely made differently. Although here has several familiar restaurants, there are subtle differences between here and back there.  Adaptation is the name of the game for shi. So for ice tea to be had, it will be made at home. Which is always better anyways. After dinner was spent allowing shi to blog here, and watch a bit of tv. Thats another thing, the commercials here are a whole different lot. Some make shi chuckle, some make shi go wth?
 Tomorrow Master returns to work after a week and a half of holiday, so shi will be left to her own devices while he is away. May run to the corner market and shop for dinner, surprise him with something totally unexpected.
As expected shi is kept naked, except for either a fleece robe to keep the chill off or a thin cotton robe, when shi is warm and comfortable. Oh yes, spent some time on her pillow as her Master cooked and come in to sit while things were preparing. Curled up against his knee planting soft kisses there as his hand would caress her hair, or tickle the back of her neck... Soon we will turn in so that he can get his beauty sleep for work, and nothing makes shi happier than feeling the warmth of his body against hers as we drift off to sleep.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


This last week and a half have been a whirlwind of all kinds. From the everyday stuff of shopping together to make his home ours. Getting familiar with the area and stores around, to using the bus to know where it goes and how often it runs. With netting curtains up for more privacy, new rug for those naughty times, and the sharing of cooking meals and those times he leashes me, cuffs me and leads me upstairs for a night of erotic sin. Marks left of soft skin, body deliciously aching to down right raw fucking... spent, satiated and curled up in each others arms, we talk abit, before drifting off to that heavy sex induced sleep.
   We went out today to get some yarn for a throw for his/our couch, a craft i enjoy doing, we settled on a color together and a pattern... so many out there on the web, since i left my crochet book collection behind ( to many books to bring over). I have done the first repeat of the pattern and its feminine and masculine at the same time. I love it. We also shopped for a floor cushion for me to kneel by his feet as he sits on the couch.. Much of what we wanted to accomplish this week we did together. That word "together" such a simple word but now with so much more meaning. His leash on my collar, his soft but firm hands on my body, making me buck and writhe with such wanton lust. His flogger or crop kissing my skin bringing me sweet mix of pain and pleasure. Masters shi is settling in, feeling quite at home. As each day passes, that sense of comfortableness, washing over us both. I am happy. Master is happy. and with that we are very much in love as well. Our relationship is a ever growing, changing, getting familiar with one another.
Shi was even fortunate to meet some of his coworkers for a lunch at a pub. It was fun and we were called teenagers, due to the fact that we were holding hands and kissing alot. It caused us both to chuckle, and in a sense it is what it feels like. And for our sake, shi wont let that feeling go away ever.  No matter what life may throw at us down the road. My humble opinion is we are here to enjoy life, and make the most of it. And this one intends to do just that!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Settling in!!

As shi settles into her rightful position as her Masters slave, life takes on a whole new meaning.  Master has insisted that shi feels like she is at home. And as the days have passed that has been happening. New bedding for our bed, new curtains for the windows, one premade and a set made by shi for the entry door. Oh and yes a very cool shaggy rug for the living room, where shi believes she will be spending alot of time on her knees or her back.  The collar around her neck a constant reminder of what shi is to her Master. The past few days have been spent knowing where shi belongs and who she belongs to. Her Master has marked her well and will continue to do so as time passes on. Some of the most memorable times is spent together cooking our meals for the day and sitting at the table, enjoying the meal and talking. As was known shi spends the majority of her day naked, save for a thin robe to warn off the chill. Easily accessible when her Master wishes her to be. It feels good to be home and in her Masters arms. The affection and attention to one another is a long time in the making and so far has been very enjoyable yet sometimes painful. As time progresses, more will come in this blog.

Friday, January 20, 2012


The time has finally arrived that Master and his shi are together. The last 24 hours have been one of catching up on sleep, eating. And lots and lots of catching up! Shi is now sitting next to her Master after a cooked breakfast and coffee, and is soooooo very happy!  Her collar is around her neck locked permanently, and it feels so very good to be there. The next few days will be filled with more "catching up" And as time allows there will be more posts to be had. Soon there will be a lot of unpacking and then an afternoon of promised much needed discipline and the strength of her Masters wishes on her body. So for now off line and off to be with her Master! Until later, *wink.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our time is close by......

Neither shi or I have been able to post since Christmas. It has been a busy time for us both and for the next week it is likely to become even busier as shi makes her final preparations to cross the ocean and bring us together, finally.
It is the end of one journey and the beginning of another for both of us, almost four years in the travelling (so far).
So, to our followers, we apologise. There will be more, much more to come in a few days but for another week there is a lot to accomplish for both of us.
Our new dawn is breaking, soon we will welcome you back into our sunshine.