Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Busy Tuesday

Just got back from three hours of shopping in the town centre, got curtains for the living room (not the ones we liked since they didnt have them, but alot less expensive) And they will fit nicely with the wall color and compliment the door curtains. Purchased some self adhesive hooks for the kitchen. A few odds and ends. 2 belts to help hold up my pants. And some long sleeve shirts and sweaters. All on sale, woot! So spent alot less today than i had planned and i am sure Master will be pleased with that! Even the curtains i choose were 30 pounds cheaper (do not have the symbol for UK money on laptop). Bought a small gift for Master, but wont share that yet till i give it to him. Oh got some chocolate croissants for dessert tonight. mmmm so thrilled i found them, they are a weakness of mine. Enjoying a coffee at the moment and thinking of taking a quick nap so shi will be up and about when Master comes home from work.  Any way a successful day for me and i am sure Master will be pleased with the results. Bye for now all.


  1. Your day sounds a lot more fun than mouse's day so far!

    Good job on the bargains! What owner wouldn't be pleased with that?!


  2. Sounds like a productive day. Enjoy your croissants :)

    Dee x

  3. aww mouse, i hope your day improved. Master was pleased with the shopping i did and the bargains i found. Even discovered that the jumpers i bought were one pound 60 pence cheaper than what the tags said. Master loved the new curtains for the living room as well. hugs back.

  4. It was a productive day dee, and the croissants were sooooo delish, even found some more at a store closer to home. woot!