Monday, February 6, 2012

mundane monday!

Finished my first project, a crocheted lace shell afghan in a muted blue grey for our couch. It took me about a week to make, have been crocheting since I was a child. Master was surprised to see how fast i finished it. And was pleased to see the results. So now it drapes our sofa to be used when necessary. Saturday when we ran errands we went to a hobby shop and i picked up an oriental counted cross stitch kit. Its very pretty and Master very much likes oriental items. So it will be a fun project to do.  So that is my next project and it will take longer than a week to complete. But i look forward to doing it.  I spent the day washing the bed linens and starting on the kit and oh yes also took a hot shower to take the ache out of my back. Me thinks yesterdays activities twinged me a bit, but i am not complaining. (grins).. Had a raucous battle with the king size duvet cover today, but all in all Master said i did not do too bad. Duvets are not used in the states as much as they are here it seems.  But we will cuddle in bed on clean sheets and a clean duvet so its all good. Master often calls me during his lunch  at work and i look forward to those calls. I am making it a habit to send him a text to just let him know i am thinking of him and sending him my love either in the morning or the afternoon. Wont bother him too much at work, do not want him to get in trouble.  We share the cooking of dinner or i will do it some nights and he opts to too. Tomorrow if the weather holds, i will be going out on my own shopping for curtains for our living room, we found a style and design we liked on line and i am hoping the store has them in stock. Thinking also of picking up another lamp for our bedroom, one that gives ambient lighting as opposed to the stark light that floods the room. We picked one up on saturday for the spare room and i like it alot, may get exactly the same thing for our bedroom. May also go looking at some clothes for me, i brought some, but i think i need some long sleeve shirts to add to my clothes. But that all depends on the weather. Dont like going out when its rainy and cold even with an umbrella. Would rather stay indoors and do housework or a project or two.  So anyway that was my day. Master came home and we had dinner and now just sitting here watching tv and i am blogging a bit. Goodnight all. (smiles warmly)


  1. Mundane Monday. Now that's more like it!!! :)
    Ps: I'd bypass long sleeve shirts and go straight for a jumper lol! Oh...... I love duvets, but an electric blanket is THE way to go! Ha! :)

    Dee x

  2. I just learned not too long ago what a jumper was, we call them sweaters and i have several of those. Master and i are quite warm and comfy in the duvet though, grins.