Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Slavery, the Ying and the Yang

There is  common conception of slavery. Chains, whips, pain, harsh discipline and submission. To live this lifestyle 24/7 would be hard, if not impossible over a long period.
Before shi and I came together in RL, we agreed that our lifestyle would need balance if it was to avoid "burnout". Neither of us have an asbestos constitution!
There also has to be a certain practicality to everyday life, so I work, shi tends to the home and our everyday needs, just like a vanilla relationship, with a few twists. Lets face it, we won't get far without cash, and the home would soon become a dump without attention. So some roles are forced on us by necessity.
We have our "play-time", which is getting firmer and longer to build endurance and tolerance. Cuffs, chains, whips and paddles all have there place in our relationship.
But that's not all...... I have  responsibility, as shi's owner to bring out and enhance the real shi. There are times when a firm thrashing works well, other times a relentless fucking does the trick. That's what slavery is about, is'nt it?
A couple of nights ago, shi pulled her floor cushion to my feet as I was sitting on the sofa. shi laid her head on my thigh and snuggled up against my leg. Pretty soon my fingers were running softly through her hair, and shi was totally relaxed. Then I spotted it. The wooden hair brush that I bought for shi. It's one of those oval wooden  brushes with a handle, idea for ass spanking.
As shi was nicely relaxed, breathing softly against my thigh, I reached out for the brush and put it to good use ........ brushing her hair for what seemed like a long time.
It was an intimate, spontaneous moment for both of us and not at all out of place and I know that we both enjoyed it.
My point is that though there are times of pain in shi's slavery, this is balanced by those tender and intimate moments that  are nothing to do with sex.
Ying and Yang...... It makes it work and it increases the intensity.


  1. What? Shi doesn't live in a cage 24/7? ? (I do so hope you 'get' my humour Raden)
    I know very little about your dynamic, but it's very interesting to read, you sound quite wise and shi sounds as if she's positively glowing. Sounds just about right to me :)
    Ps: hairbrushing :) is a very intimate, enjoyable experience :) hehe

    Dee x

  2. Uh huh ...... I get it, and there are some parts of shi that I like to see glowing and I am sure shi would agree.
    We think we are "just about right" too, but I'm not sure about the wise bit!

  3. I agree. Hair brushing is so intimate! I love the tender side of domination. The tiniest kindness seems to be enormously appreciated by my sub. Such a little thing as kisses on his cheek bring out the best reactions from him. Tenderness certainly does play an integral part in any relationship which is cherished!