Friday, October 9, 2015

Told to slow down......good advice

In the excitement of reconnecting with my Master, to become the slave he truly deserves shi was told to slow down.  Our discussions over the last couple of weeks have been about what He will do to me when shi returns home. We have purchased additional tools to explore anal play, to further her discipline  and lactation inducement. We have gotten more ropes to further bondage exploration. We have discussed the mental aspects this one needs to feel truly slave like. As he has stated, we need a good foundation in order to develop our relationship on a deeper physical and mental level. This one is excited over all the new changes coming to her when she returns home into her Masters arms. So excited that at times she confuses her Master with her ideas, suggestions and comments. Slowing down is a good thing. Master is correct, we need a solid foundation without complicating it into a million ideas. Shi is slowing down and patiently waiting for her fate when she takes that plane trip home. Knowing that whatever Master wishes from his shi, he will get. A new mindset to encourage, develop and love the roles that both her Master and shi will enjoy for years to come.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Recommitting to one another

Distance makes the heart grow fonder or so they say. Actually for this one, the distance makes the body ache for her Masters touch so desperately. We have been communicating via various online programs, but nothing replaces the daily physical contact ie cuddling at night and chatting before we drift off to sleep. Another three weeks and this one will be home. And when shi returns, there will be many changes taking place. Many new rules to be followed, Physical changes, mental changes and changes in Our dynamic that will benefit both of us.  A commitment to be a better slave to her Master, to mentally change attitudes and perceptions, to break through barriers that have inhibited me. That all changes the second i walk through that door of our home. And to be honest it is a long time coming for both of us, and i am excited and nervous for it all to begin again.  There is a list for me regarding the mindset of a slave and i pledged to Him that that list will be adhered to to the best of my ability. Will ask Master for permission to publish that list here on this blog. Hope everyone is having a great day.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Return home and shi's rules.

Shi is still on her extended trip, returning home in a few weeks. As shi explained in her last post, there has been a long period where we were forced to return to a more "normal" relationship as shi had some long running health issues to contend with which are no longer an issue.
I, for my part, had no intention of jeopardising her return to health by enforcing "the rules" and punishing any deviation. Which leads me nicely on to my main point.
In my opinion, for what it is worth, it is part of the role of Master/Owner to ensure that his possession is looked after and that steps are taken to ensure that their health and welfare are always of paramount importance. Failure to respect this diminishes the Master in the eyes of his possession and that will always be to the detriment of their bond.
However, what we did incorrectly was just assuming that we wanted or needed to remain as we became, in a normal relationship. Conversation about each others needs dried up during the long period concerned, that was our fault, and a lesson learned.
Despite everything, we are the same. Nothing has changed, especially the desire.There will be rules, starting with those detailed on this site, and they will be enforced. Shi has her instructions on her new attire, which shi will make on her return once we have resourced a suitably harsh fabric. We are not going back to square one, just back sufficiently to build some resilience, which will be low after a long break.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

We have returned after a long absence

Hello all, thank you for those that have stuck with me in the last few years even though there hasnt been a recent post. And I apologize for not monitoring this blog and deleting the idiot who posted porn links to my blog as comments. I have deleted them all, I hope, but if i missed one please let me know.
I am not against porn sites, but dont wish any of my readers to get an infected link and causing them trouble.

This is posted in our history page but i will post it as the first blog post in a long while, it explains a little of what has been going on. I am going to be more diligent regarding this blog and posting and monitoring comments so that it is not spammed again.

Master and shi met online in 2008. We lived in a virtual world together for several years. Shi at the time was in a real life relationship and decided that it was no longer viable. Master and shi were several thousand miles apart with a great ocean between them. In 2009 shi met her Master in real life and decided that is where she belonged. In 2012 shi gave up everything and went to live with him and truly be the slave that she craved and so desired. Well so shi thought. But due to health problems and female problems it became a very comfortable regular relationship. With all the ups and downs that come with it. And i am not knocking those that enjoy that type of relationship. Recently on an extended trip away from her Master, shi realized that they both have suffered from deviating from what they are to one another. And her Master agreed. So a reaffirmation of who we are to one another, a recommitted attitude towards and for one another, and the path we both crave and desire for and to each other has begun to be rebuilt and re-established.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

It seems like an eternity

It seems like an eternity since this one has seen the sun, overcast days, lots of rain and in some areas flood alerts. Been able to go out twice this week on her bike and hit the downtown area and managed not to get wet although it was a bit chilly. Today the sun is out, but its cold. Not going to let that stop me. Master and I are spending a quiet morning waking up with lots of coffee and soon we will head downtown together. I love going out with him, we hold hands, kiss like teenagers and occasionally grab each others bums! We are like that. And we dont care if anyone is watching or not. Its amazing how much love this one feels for her Master. Cant seem to get enough of Him! giggles. Any way this one hopes everyone has a great Saturday! Tilll later, bye for now.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Its been awhile since last post

It has been a while since last post and it was because I kept getting a warning about my blog, that somehow malware got attached through another blog and hitched onto mine. So I kept waiting to see if it would resolve itself. I took the risk of getting on my blog and it seems that whatever it was, it is harmless and I can post without risk to my computer and I hope to those that access my blog are alright as well. I am not computer savvy but my virus scan and other protections didnt pick anything up.

I am adapting to life as Masters slave, and feeling very content. He seems happy with his slave, and as he works through the week, I do things that maintain the house, dinner, shopping, etc. Master has been dealing with alot of issues at work, stress and i do what i can to help him de-stress and maintain a comfortable home for him. He makes me feel loved, cared for and in turn i hope i am giving him all he wants and needs. Something tells me that that is the case.

What i love most is the quiet times we spend together, either at his feet as he brushes my hair, or curled in his arms as we cuddle on the couch. Or when we head to bed and i am comfortably curled up against his naked flesh. Hearing his heartbeat against my ear, as my head is laid against his chest. He gently wakes me up every morning with a kiss and words of love as he heads off to work.  Then i curl up contently and drift back off to sleep for a short bit before starting my day. My love for him continues to grow stronger and more deeply than i could even imagine every day!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Round 2 on tattoo

After a two week healing process, Master and shi were not pleased with the final result of her tattoo. So we went back to the tattoo shop and the owner (who didnt do the original tatt) told me to give it another week for healing and he would fix it to our satisfaction. The first tatt ended up looking like lines and dashes and we were not pleased. The second time around after several days of healing we are much more pleased with the end result.  It is much more defined as we wanted, shi is including a new picture of it. This was taken shortly after the artist fixed it. As it has healed it is looking better and better every day. It was very considerate of the owner of the shop to fix the tattoo and not charge us. Although Master did slip him a tip for doing such good work. To us it was important to get it fixed and done correctly since this is a mark of ownership from her Master for his shi!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

feeling very docile today!

After a weeks respite due to mother nature, last night shi wantonly devoured her Master, and Master put his shi to use well. So much so that for some odd reason, shi had the uncontrollable giggles. Master thought it was cute, but shi was embarrassed. Do not know if any of you experience this, but its that giggle that just wont stop, and leads to eyes filling with tears, gasping for breath and just really uncontrollable. And anything can set it off. Thank goodness it was after Master really pounded into his shi. It was that kind of fucking, primal and deep and every nerve in ones body to tingle, with grunts, moans and screams that could not be held back. Shi slept very well last night and woke up feeling very much docile and so wanting to continue to please her Master. After a morning of going to register with a doctor, to be in the system and able to maintain the depo shots to prevent pregnancy shi came home and baked a loaf of banana bread, just for her Master. So now its cooling on a rack, and waiting for her Master to come home, share dinner and then enjoy the banana bread for dessert. Shi may slice some fresh fruit to go with it.  Shi has been sitting here smelling the baking bread, and her thoughts wander to her Master. The feelings of contentment, security, and love flowing through shi, she sits here feeling very fortunate to have met the man that not only meets her needs but allows her to meet his as well. We were destined to be together, and that affirmation is confirmed every day no matter what we do. Shi is a very lucky slave!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Masters' surprise

Master surprised his shi when He arrived home from work. With a bunch of roses and a lovely card for Valentines Day. Yes its a day early, but he will be out of town tomorrow for his job, and wanted to surprise her tonight. Needless to say, it made shi grin from ear to ear and his card was perfect for the two of us and what we mean to each other. He is so loving, caring, considerate and shi is very lucky to have such a wonderful man in her life. Shi loves her Master with all that she is, heart, body and soul!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whew! busy sunday

Today was spent sorting out our bedroom, we moved some wardrobes into the room, and a dresser drawer set,  and re-positioned the bed. After we moved it, Master thought shi was crafty, since theres very little room between the foot board and the far wall. Since that is where he binds her to the bed to whip her. Shi never realized the issue till the bed was moved. So it may not stay there. Master should always have access to his shi and the way he wants to use her. Spent almost 5 1/2 hours sorting it and the smaller room for our playroom. A small wardrobe to hang Masters toys in the door. With drawers for the smaller toys, giving him easy access to the times he wishes to use his shi in the ways he desires to. So now just relaxing on the couch together, as shi blogs, Master is searching a catalog for a new vacuum cleaner since the one shi was using seemed to have burnt out. It was almost 9 years old after all.  So we will have a quiet evening at home, recouping from our day. Still have to sort dinner here in a bit. But we just snacked so not very hungry right now. Hope everyone had a lovely Sunday!