Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lazy Sunday!

Shi woke up around 9:30 am, her Master an hour later, we spent the morning enjoying coffee, a cig, and some cuddle time on the couch.. Then around noon, we decided to have toast from homemade bread that Master made a day or two ago. Spread with butter and jam. More coffee ensued.. ( We are both avid coffee drinkers)
We watched a bit of tv, then a bit later enjoyed some lunch that Master cooked, omelettes with cheese and mushrooms, more coffee, washed up the dishes and then he leashed his shi and dragged her upstairs. Laid her on the bed and proceeded to fuck her well. It went on for quite a while, both of us short breathed, sweaty and well spent. After a brief respite, he decided to clamp his shi's nipples and played with her clit till she came. After a bit more cuddling, we proceeded downstairs and my wonderful Master cooked dinner. Whole chicken, cabbage and roasted potatoes. Ice tea to drink, which causes me to giggle, cause shi drinks alot of ice tea from home, and here (in shi's opinion) its a foreign concept. Which causes me to giggle. Yesterday when we were out, we had pizza hut for lunch, and shi made some observations, sodas are not served with ice, ice tea is non existant, the salad bar is definitely different than what is in the US there were things on it that i didnt recognize. And the pizzas are definitely made differently. Although here has several familiar restaurants, there are subtle differences between here and back there.  Adaptation is the name of the game for shi. So for ice tea to be had, it will be made at home. Which is always better anyways. After dinner was spent allowing shi to blog here, and watch a bit of tv. Thats another thing, the commercials here are a whole different lot. Some make shi chuckle, some make shi go wth?
 Tomorrow Master returns to work after a week and a half of holiday, so shi will be left to her own devices while he is away. May run to the corner market and shop for dinner, surprise him with something totally unexpected.
As expected shi is kept naked, except for either a fleece robe to keep the chill off or a thin cotton robe, when shi is warm and comfortable. Oh yes, spent some time on her pillow as her Master cooked and come in to sit while things were preparing. Curled up against his knee planting soft kisses there as his hand would caress her hair, or tickle the back of her neck... Soon we will turn in so that he can get his beauty sleep for work, and nothing makes shi happier than feeling the warmth of his body against hers as we drift off to sleep.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


This last week and a half have been a whirlwind of all kinds. From the everyday stuff of shopping together to make his home ours. Getting familiar with the area and stores around, to using the bus to know where it goes and how often it runs. With netting curtains up for more privacy, new rug for those naughty times, and the sharing of cooking meals and those times he leashes me, cuffs me and leads me upstairs for a night of erotic sin. Marks left of soft skin, body deliciously aching to down right raw fucking... spent, satiated and curled up in each others arms, we talk abit, before drifting off to that heavy sex induced sleep.
   We went out today to get some yarn for a throw for his/our couch, a craft i enjoy doing, we settled on a color together and a pattern... so many out there on the web, since i left my crochet book collection behind ( to many books to bring over). I have done the first repeat of the pattern and its feminine and masculine at the same time. I love it. We also shopped for a floor cushion for me to kneel by his feet as he sits on the couch.. Much of what we wanted to accomplish this week we did together. That word "together" such a simple word but now with so much more meaning. His leash on my collar, his soft but firm hands on my body, making me buck and writhe with such wanton lust. His flogger or crop kissing my skin bringing me sweet mix of pain and pleasure. Masters shi is settling in, feeling quite at home. As each day passes, that sense of comfortableness, washing over us both. I am happy. Master is happy. and with that we are very much in love as well. Our relationship is a ever growing, changing, getting familiar with one another.
Shi was even fortunate to meet some of his coworkers for a lunch at a pub. It was fun and we were called teenagers, due to the fact that we were holding hands and kissing alot. It caused us both to chuckle, and in a sense it is what it feels like. And for our sake, shi wont let that feeling go away ever.  No matter what life may throw at us down the road. My humble opinion is we are here to enjoy life, and make the most of it. And this one intends to do just that!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Settling in!!

As shi settles into her rightful position as her Masters slave, life takes on a whole new meaning.  Master has insisted that shi feels like she is at home. And as the days have passed that has been happening. New bedding for our bed, new curtains for the windows, one premade and a set made by shi for the entry door. Oh and yes a very cool shaggy rug for the living room, where shi believes she will be spending alot of time on her knees or her back.  The collar around her neck a constant reminder of what shi is to her Master. The past few days have been spent knowing where shi belongs and who she belongs to. Her Master has marked her well and will continue to do so as time passes on. Some of the most memorable times is spent together cooking our meals for the day and sitting at the table, enjoying the meal and talking. As was known shi spends the majority of her day naked, save for a thin robe to warn off the chill. Easily accessible when her Master wishes her to be. It feels good to be home and in her Masters arms. The affection and attention to one another is a long time in the making and so far has been very enjoyable yet sometimes painful. As time progresses, more will come in this blog.

Friday, January 20, 2012


The time has finally arrived that Master and his shi are together. The last 24 hours have been one of catching up on sleep, eating. And lots and lots of catching up! Shi is now sitting next to her Master after a cooked breakfast and coffee, and is soooooo very happy!  Her collar is around her neck locked permanently, and it feels so very good to be there. The next few days will be filled with more "catching up" And as time allows there will be more posts to be had. Soon there will be a lot of unpacking and then an afternoon of promised much needed discipline and the strength of her Masters wishes on her body. So for now off line and off to be with her Master! Until later, *wink.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our time is close by......

Neither shi or I have been able to post since Christmas. It has been a busy time for us both and for the next week it is likely to become even busier as shi makes her final preparations to cross the ocean and bring us together, finally.
It is the end of one journey and the beginning of another for both of us, almost four years in the travelling (so far).
So, to our followers, we apologise. There will be more, much more to come in a few days but for another week there is a lot to accomplish for both of us.
Our new dawn is breaking, soon we will welcome you back into our sunshine.