Saturday, January 28, 2012


This last week and a half have been a whirlwind of all kinds. From the everyday stuff of shopping together to make his home ours. Getting familiar with the area and stores around, to using the bus to know where it goes and how often it runs. With netting curtains up for more privacy, new rug for those naughty times, and the sharing of cooking meals and those times he leashes me, cuffs me and leads me upstairs for a night of erotic sin. Marks left of soft skin, body deliciously aching to down right raw fucking... spent, satiated and curled up in each others arms, we talk abit, before drifting off to that heavy sex induced sleep.
   We went out today to get some yarn for a throw for his/our couch, a craft i enjoy doing, we settled on a color together and a pattern... so many out there on the web, since i left my crochet book collection behind ( to many books to bring over). I have done the first repeat of the pattern and its feminine and masculine at the same time. I love it. We also shopped for a floor cushion for me to kneel by his feet as he sits on the couch.. Much of what we wanted to accomplish this week we did together. That word "together" such a simple word but now with so much more meaning. His leash on my collar, his soft but firm hands on my body, making me buck and writhe with such wanton lust. His flogger or crop kissing my skin bringing me sweet mix of pain and pleasure. Masters shi is settling in, feeling quite at home. As each day passes, that sense of comfortableness, washing over us both. I am happy. Master is happy. and with that we are very much in love as well. Our relationship is a ever growing, changing, getting familiar with one another.
Shi was even fortunate to meet some of his coworkers for a lunch at a pub. It was fun and we were called teenagers, due to the fact that we were holding hands and kissing alot. It caused us both to chuckle, and in a sense it is what it feels like. And for our sake, shi wont let that feeling go away ever.  No matter what life may throw at us down the road. My humble opinion is we are here to enjoy life, and make the most of it. And this one intends to do just that!


  1. Shi you sound soooo happy and content. So so happy for you both :)

    Dee x

  2. How wonderful to be truly together! I'm sure there will be adjustments but it sounds like you will handle them all with grace. I love that you both feel and act like teenagers. May you always - life is too short to spend it without someone who makes us feel giddy in love.

    love, squirrel