Friday, January 20, 2012


The time has finally arrived that Master and his shi are together. The last 24 hours have been one of catching up on sleep, eating. And lots and lots of catching up! Shi is now sitting next to her Master after a cooked breakfast and coffee, and is soooooo very happy!  Her collar is around her neck locked permanently, and it feels so very good to be there. The next few days will be filled with more "catching up" And as time allows there will be more posts to be had. Soon there will be a lot of unpacking and then an afternoon of promised much needed discipline and the strength of her Masters wishes on her body. So for now off line and off to be with her Master! Until later, *wink.


  1. It's wonderful to hear that you are together with your Master. I wish you both all the best.


  2. I echo what tranquility said and I hope you will be sharing your experiences as he gives you the much needed discipline and the strength of her Master's wishes on her body. I assume it was a wonderful weekend now that his collar has been locked around your neck permanently.