Thursday, April 19, 2012

Its been awhile since last post

It has been a while since last post and it was because I kept getting a warning about my blog, that somehow malware got attached through another blog and hitched onto mine. So I kept waiting to see if it would resolve itself. I took the risk of getting on my blog and it seems that whatever it was, it is harmless and I can post without risk to my computer and I hope to those that access my blog are alright as well. I am not computer savvy but my virus scan and other protections didnt pick anything up.

I am adapting to life as Masters slave, and feeling very content. He seems happy with his slave, and as he works through the week, I do things that maintain the house, dinner, shopping, etc. Master has been dealing with alot of issues at work, stress and i do what i can to help him de-stress and maintain a comfortable home for him. He makes me feel loved, cared for and in turn i hope i am giving him all he wants and needs. Something tells me that that is the case.

What i love most is the quiet times we spend together, either at his feet as he brushes my hair, or curled in his arms as we cuddle on the couch. Or when we head to bed and i am comfortably curled up against his naked flesh. Hearing his heartbeat against my ear, as my head is laid against his chest. He gently wakes me up every morning with a kiss and words of love as he heads off to work.  Then i curl up contently and drift back off to sleep for a short bit before starting my day. My love for him continues to grow stronger and more deeply than i could even imagine every day!