Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lazy Sunday!

Shi woke up around 9:30 am, her Master an hour later, we spent the morning enjoying coffee, a cig, and some cuddle time on the couch.. Then around noon, we decided to have toast from homemade bread that Master made a day or two ago. Spread with butter and jam. More coffee ensued.. ( We are both avid coffee drinkers)
We watched a bit of tv, then a bit later enjoyed some lunch that Master cooked, omelettes with cheese and mushrooms, more coffee, washed up the dishes and then he leashed his shi and dragged her upstairs. Laid her on the bed and proceeded to fuck her well. It went on for quite a while, both of us short breathed, sweaty and well spent. After a brief respite, he decided to clamp his shi's nipples and played with her clit till she came. After a bit more cuddling, we proceeded downstairs and my wonderful Master cooked dinner. Whole chicken, cabbage and roasted potatoes. Ice tea to drink, which causes me to giggle, cause shi drinks alot of ice tea from home, and here (in shi's opinion) its a foreign concept. Which causes me to giggle. Yesterday when we were out, we had pizza hut for lunch, and shi made some observations, sodas are not served with ice, ice tea is non existant, the salad bar is definitely different than what is in the US there were things on it that i didnt recognize. And the pizzas are definitely made differently. Although here has several familiar restaurants, there are subtle differences between here and back there.  Adaptation is the name of the game for shi. So for ice tea to be had, it will be made at home. Which is always better anyways. After dinner was spent allowing shi to blog here, and watch a bit of tv. Thats another thing, the commercials here are a whole different lot. Some make shi chuckle, some make shi go wth?
 Tomorrow Master returns to work after a week and a half of holiday, so shi will be left to her own devices while he is away. May run to the corner market and shop for dinner, surprise him with something totally unexpected.
As expected shi is kept naked, except for either a fleece robe to keep the chill off or a thin cotton robe, when shi is warm and comfortable. Oh yes, spent some time on her pillow as her Master cooked and come in to sit while things were preparing. Curled up against his knee planting soft kisses there as his hand would caress her hair, or tickle the back of her neck... Soon we will turn in so that he can get his beauty sleep for work, and nothing makes shi happier than feeling the warmth of his body against hers as we drift off to sleep.

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