Tuesday, February 21, 2012

feeling very docile today!

After a weeks respite due to mother nature, last night shi wantonly devoured her Master, and Master put his shi to use well. So much so that for some odd reason, shi had the uncontrollable giggles. Master thought it was cute, but shi was embarrassed. Do not know if any of you experience this, but its that giggle that just wont stop, and leads to eyes filling with tears, gasping for breath and just really uncontrollable. And anything can set it off. Thank goodness it was after Master really pounded into his shi. It was that kind of fucking, primal and deep and every nerve in ones body to tingle, with grunts, moans and screams that could not be held back. Shi slept very well last night and woke up feeling very much docile and so wanting to continue to please her Master. After a morning of going to register with a doctor, to be in the system and able to maintain the depo shots to prevent pregnancy shi came home and baked a loaf of banana bread, just for her Master. So now its cooling on a rack, and waiting for her Master to come home, share dinner and then enjoy the banana bread for dessert. Shi may slice some fresh fruit to go with it.  Shi has been sitting here smelling the baking bread, and her thoughts wander to her Master. The feelings of contentment, security, and love flowing through shi, she sits here feeling very fortunate to have met the man that not only meets her needs but allows her to meet his as well. We were destined to be together, and that affirmation is confirmed every day no matter what we do. Shi is a very lucky slave!


  1. The giggles sometimes hit me like that too. Banana bread sounds delicious, I'm making peanut butter pie for dessert today. Enjoy:)

  2. An attack of the giggles happened to me not that long ago when I was having a dream in where I was kicking a random man called Mark! Doesn't sound all that funny if you weren't there but Mitch unfortunately was :)
    You should post your recipes, I love trying new things and my baking skills could do with the practice :)

    Dee x

  3. Faerie, mmm peanut butter pie sounds delish....The banana bread turned out well.. nice and moist but i realized after i mixed the ingredients that i added a tablespoon of vanilla instead a teaspoon.. so its a bit on the vanilla side... ooh theres a pun somewhere in that ...laughs
    Dee, oooohhh poor Mitch... hope you didnt bruise him too bad and didnt hit any vital spots... *wink... the banana bread was a recipe i pulled off the internet... very simple but delish...just dont goof up on the vanilla like i did. It was still tasty though.