Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whew! busy sunday

Today was spent sorting out our bedroom, we moved some wardrobes into the room, and a dresser drawer set,  and re-positioned the bed. After we moved it, Master thought shi was crafty, since theres very little room between the foot board and the far wall. Since that is where he binds her to the bed to whip her. Shi never realized the issue till the bed was moved. So it may not stay there. Master should always have access to his shi and the way he wants to use her. Spent almost 5 1/2 hours sorting it and the smaller room for our playroom. A small wardrobe to hang Masters toys in the door. With drawers for the smaller toys, giving him easy access to the times he wishes to use his shi in the ways he desires to. So now just relaxing on the couch together, as shi blogs, Master is searching a catalog for a new vacuum cleaner since the one shi was using seemed to have burnt out. It was almost 9 years old after all.  So we will have a quiet evening at home, recouping from our day. Still have to sort dinner here in a bit. But we just snacked so not very hungry right now. Hope everyone had a lovely Sunday!

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