Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a busy wednesday!

Woke up this morning, took a hot shower, and got dressed, spent part of the morning sweeping the living room, dining room and kitchen, got the dust bunnies out from various pieces of furniture in all the rooms.. Then tackled the kitchen, Master and i spent last weekend clearing out the clutter, and decided we would get some hooks for some of the cooking utensils along the back splash of the kitchen. Hung about 14 little plastic hooks and lined up the utensils along the wall. When all was said and done, came into the living and proceeded to work on my latest cross stitch project..Next thing i knew i heard a crash in the kitchen, one of the hooks fell off the wall. Damn, so hung it back up and then through out the day various implements pulled off the wall, repeatedly crashing and shi saying "damn" get up go in kitchen find the hook, and rehang it. This happened repeatedly. They are small plastic hooks with adhesives and stuck on ceramic tile wall, they should stick and stay! They didnt. damnit. So got a brilliant idea and found some velcro squares and removed the adhesive on the hooks and replaced it with that. For the most part most of them have stayed. One did fall during dinner, so shi got up, explained "Damnit, and rehung it, and as shi types this another one just fell, damnit! Something tells me, shi will wake up in the morning and there will be several cooking utensils all over the counter and plastic hooks god knows where! Anyone have a better idea to hang these things? Dont want to drill holes in the tiles since Master rents here. Anyway, after dinner, gave Master a gentle facial massage and he repaid the kindness by giving shi a lovely relaxing foot massage.. mmmm shi is relaxed and content. And is very happy to be with her Master after such a long wait.


  1. I've never had any luck with those adhesive hooks either. =(

  2. Those hooks are no good at all.. . buy a nice 1 x 3-5 inch board, however long you need it . . install hooks on it, and find about 3 equidistant places to attach with long screws into a stud if possible or find a way to attach the same to the underside of the cupboards somehow.