Sunday, February 5, 2012

mmmm a delish Sunday

As shi stated yesterday, there was suppose to be an afternoon of more pain and pleasure, but due to our errands we did running around yesterday, shi was drained. It was probably a combination of the snow and all the walking and shopping we did yesterday. Shi fell asleep on the couch and slept for nearly 3 hours before being woken and taken to bed.
This morning was spent on a good hot breakfast and a decluttering of the kitchen, while listening to some awesome tunes on the ipod over the speakers.  Then Master took his shi upstairs and in to the spare room we went. He stripped her naked, and had her on her knees. Then shi followed her instincts and proceeded to indulge in her Masters cock in her mouth. Shi gently led Master to the bed and as he sat, shi deliciously worked on his cock for a few more minutes. He was warm and thick and ooohhh so delicious.  He then stood and had shi kneel by the bed, his tools laid on the bed for easy access. Her upper body laid across the bed, her long hair gathered to the side of her neck, exposing her back and bare butt to his pleasure. He then proceeded to to use his various tools to warm her exposed back and butt. Pushing her slightly with the pain he wrought on her warm skin. Floggers, belt, crop and other things shi lost track of. Master breaking with soft fingers caressing her hot skin. Sinking deeper and deeper into the pain as her skin stung and felt very warm. When shi was sufficiently warmed up, He had her kneeling on the bed, and placed a bullet vibe to her sensitive clit, and made her cum with it. Shi trembling from her orgasm collapsing on the bed, turns over and eagerly and wantonly takes her Masters cock deep into her. Her head thrust over the side of the bed, his body crushing hers as he fucked her well. Causing her to growl and moan under him. His fingers tightly grabbing her hair as their bodies rocked violently together. Shi's fingers grazing across his back, gripping him tightly to her. Her burning back and butt, grinding against the duvet, as Masters cock thrust in and out of her. Grunts and growls escaping both their lips as Master came into his slut. Collapsing together in such lustful desire. Curling up in each others arms, breathless, sweaty and very very content. Master knows how to tap into the lust and desire of his shi, and shi makes Master very happy being wanton and 'greedy' as he calls it. And shi cant think of a better place to be. When mind, body and soul melds with her Masters wishes and desires of her. Taking her deeper and deeper into her slavery..... mmmmmmm........


  1. Ok now you're bragging a little too much :) Ha! I may even be a little jealous of your Sunday......... Well, except for the slavery part of course :)

    1. gives Dee an *innocent look* me? brag? na ah, just sharing is all... giggles.