Friday, September 17, 2010

thoughts on extremes

The last few days after speaking with Master about extremes has left this one feeling comforted, a deeper sense of what her life will be when she is in her Masters arms once again. Its as Master said, the decisions are his to make, if they were not then this one would be in control and not her Master. Neither of us want that. We have discussed things such as being caged either for discipline or punishment, for indeterminate amounts of time. The thought of being fully bound, caged, gagged and hooded, left in its cage as Master goes about his day, both terrifies and thrills this one.   This one has shared snippets of other blogs with her Master and we have talked about them. Spending hours online, sharing thoughts, dreams and fantasies. This one has been promised that when she is fully immersed in her slavery, it will not always be easy. There will be times when her body and her mind will be taxed at the desire of her Master. Her body will be permanently marked with designs of his choosing (tattoos) , her body will be well marked with the tools her Master either purchases or makes on his own. Her mind will be molded to suit her Masters wishes of it. Her dom streak will be stripped from her, and her spirit, mind and body will live for the pleasure or desire of her Master. This one will belong completely to the man that not only collared her but stolen her heart. That is what this slut strives for and longs for....More and more everyday

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