Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I am being punished for not fulfilling a task. The punishment is not be allowed to relieve my tension sexually. I have been denied the right to be able to cum either manually with a toy or in my shower, my shower head has a powerful stream to bring me to the brink of orgasm. I am also not allowed to touch myself except when cleaning or dressing.  The task was to provide pics of my back side, two of them in fact. Bared and exposed for Master to see. My problem is that i cannot do this with out fear of being caught , till real late at night, when child is asleep. Master is not making its punishment any easier either, by constantly teasing it and making it yearn even more for the release it seeks. But as a slave, no punishment should be easy, its the will of her Master to make it difficult, so that it will remember its punishment for a long time and remember to do as ordered. Being a slave is not always easy , but its the lot in life this one has chosen. This slut hopes to have the assignment taken care of with in the next day or two, then her Master may allow her relief if he sees fit. If not so be it. Thats the life of one such as shi.

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