Thursday, January 6, 2011

being a slave!

Its a strange thing to want to give ultimate control to someone else. Your body, mind and soul in the hands of someone else. At least that is what some say. But to this one, its her truth, her life and the one choice she has willingly made. I have given up total control to my Master. In our virtual world and in the real world. And this one would not want it any other way. To know that He can do what He wishes to this one is such a bliss thats sometimes hard to explain. We have had several long talks over our feelings, fantasies and wishes. And the one thing that is always agreed upon is that as long as it is safe,sane and consensual, it can be done. Not all in one day mind you but over time and  He decides which avenue my training may take. The SSC may be a contradiction in our Master/slave relationship to some, but He cherishes his property as his property cherishes him. He has told me that once this one is in front of  Him, kneeling naked, collared and leashed that the training He plans for me will not be an easy road. But nothing worthwhile in life ever is. There will be times that my body will sting from his lash, my mind will burn with His will. There will also be times of complete restraint for isolation, senses muted through gag, blindfold, ear plugs, left to sink into my own mind and contemplate what i am to him and him to me. Every aspect of this ones body, mind and soul will be his to mold as he so desires.
 Every aspect of my life will be controlled by Him. There will be different levels of protocol.. To the outside world we will look like a loving caring couple, but in the privacy of His home, i will be a wanton sexual slut. To be whipped and fucked at his desire, to service him in any way he chooses. To be bound like a beast in chains and cuffs, or tied up in rope pressing tightly into her skin, trussed up and held by her Masters will. There will be punishment when warranted, discipline when He decides, isolation for self contemplation.
As this one reflects on her life, she knows this is where she wants to be, collared, leashed , kneeling naked with legs spread wide, gazing adoringly into her Masters eyes when he allows it. Her body a vessel for His use, her mind to mold to become the best slut for her Master and her soul to fill with nothing but the love of her Master.

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