Thursday, November 3, 2011

update on shi

Its been over a year since i posted on this blog, and many things have happened but  i will focus on my slavery to my Master. In just a couple of months, this one will be in her Masters collar permanently, and kneeling at His feet. W/we have spent much time discussing what my slavery will entail. He has decided that i should be lactating by the time i am at his feet. So this one is currently on supplements to enhance and help that to happen. Of course i have lactated before from having children, but this time i am not pregnant, so i did a lot of research to see how it is done. I am taking three supplements daily and since nipple stimulation is key,  i place wooden clothes pins on them every two hours for 10-15 mins at a time. Doing that has definitely made a difference. Every time i take the supplements, i think of the goal, i think of Him, and look forward to January 2012. My breasts are definitely feeling different and i am  confident that i will be producing milk soon or definitely by the time i join him for good.
My slavery has grown deeper in my mind and heart and i long to feel Him close to me, to be able to smell him, and be in his bonds, i know in my heart that my slavery will not always be easy, but He has reassured me we will always have a balance. This one is His woman , lover,slave, slut and beast. And i could not  be happier.

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