Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Since i had a comment posted by my Master and he wishes to know how i feel about modern women and yesterdays women i have been thinking alot. In this ones personal opinion, before womens lib, women were docile, complacent, knew their place in the household and in the world environment. Todays society makes alot of demands of women, to become bread winners, to not only take care of the house, kids, and their spouse, but to contribute to bills, and other societal demands. I do not wish to offend anyone, but by the changes wrought over the last few decades, i sometimes think we forget what it is to be a woman.
To me, being a woman is about being  soft, beautiful, loving, willing to do what it takes to please her partner. And since i am also a slave, a willingness to give up anything and everything for her Master, to be what he wishes and desires. That does not mean to say that i do not have a voice, or that i am a mindless doll to be played with. Quite the opposite. Our relationship is a give and take. He wants a woman that he can have an intelligent conversation with, to be able to lovingly seduce her, or take her with such force as to make her feel nothing more than his lowly beast. He wants a woman that can compose herself in society but behind close doors is nothing than a naked wanton slut, or a lowly beast on her hands and knees, bound and used to his liking.  For me that is being a woman. i sometimes think i was born in the wrong era, but theres nothing i can do about that now. But i know what i am and what my Master wants and he will have it with all the love that i can give. To be a woman for me, is to be demure, loving, craving her Master all the time, to do the things he demands of me and wishes from me with out reservation or hesitation. For i unconditionally give my all to him. Heart body and mind.

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