Sunday, November 6, 2011

a dream i had

i awoke from a dream i believe will be in my future. In other words the dream will become a reality probably more than once.  I dreamt that i was in a cage, bound tightly, in a kneeling position naked.  My arms tightly bound behind me, my legs and feet bound to the rest of my body so i could barely move. i was hooded and all my senses were taken away, i could not hear anything, see anything nor speak, the hood was tightly afixed to my head, with a built in gag, some sort of stuffing was in my ears to mute my hearing, the hood had a built in gag. My ass and pussy was stuffed with a dildo and large anal plug, afixed with a rope harness so they could not come out. My nipples were clamped, the delicious ache ringing through out my body.I was put in the cage for some sort of punishment. I was left there to contemplate my reality. My body ached, i felt every nerve tingling, the hood was warm, my breath was slow and easy. In a sense it was comforting to be in the position i was in, it reiterated my status as to what i voluntarily submitted to.  Every movement reminded me what i was, if i shifted slightly i could feel the dildo and plug shift with me. I could feel the ropes that held me bound, i could feel the ache of my nipples. I was contemplating my mistake, (which wasnt clear in the dream) but i knew He wasnt pleased, its why i was where i was. I do not know how long He will keep me there, but that is not for me to worry about. He has the right to keep me there till He feels i have made penance. Nothing is worse for a slave than to be ignored by her Master, to disappoint him or be punished for a mistake.  But we are  human and mistakes happen and i sat in my cage, tightly bound, knowing the punishment was warranted. And content knowing He could and would punish me strictly but  fairly.  After all it is a Masters job to keep control over his possession even when they wrong.

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