Friday, November 11, 2011


Life is about changes, whether wanted or not. Fortunately for this one the changes that i am enduring are by choice and desire. I spoke about before about re-lactation, herbal supplements, nipple stimulation and breast massage all help to make this feasible, even though not pregnant. We have no desire to have a child, but do wish to enjoy the benefit of my breasts producing milk. Other changes that will occur once i am with Him, will include corset training to slim my waist and make those breasts more pronounced, and to enhance my hips and buttocks that He enjoys so much. My Master has purchased two corsets for me to wear. One i will wear immediately and the other is smaller in size once my body adjusts to the corset training i will endure. More changes will be non physical, my mindset will be in slave mode, to be obedient, wanton, and endure what ever He wishes to do to me in my training. There will be anal training as well, getting used to wearing plugs and tails, it will be a process for my body to adjust to and become accustom to, to the point it becomes second nature. This one will be bound in a rope harness to wear when naked or under clothing if we should go out to tend to everyday things, can be doubly plugged upon his whim or not.  My mindset will be of the total woman that my Master wants. I will be his friend, his lover, his sex slave, his wanton beast. My days will be filled with the balance of all of that and so much more. Will endure exquisite pain and pleasure, for the benefit of us both.
The fire that burns within us both is equally matched, we know what we want and what works for us. My willing slavery to Him, is what he wants in a woman, His domination and control of me is what i want in a man. We are a perfect fit and that will endure for always as we move forward and grow together.

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