Thursday, November 10, 2011

my future

this one sits in a quiet home, early in the morning, and drinking a warm cup of coffee, just took my supplements to re induce lactation, and her breasts feel achy, but no production of milk yet.  Her thoughts roam to the time in January when she will be in her Masters arms, wearing his collar permanently attached to her neck. Kneeling at his feet or crawling along side him as he walks. This ones body and mind ache to feel his touch, whether soft or harsh. Her soul aches to feel the fire she knows he can stir in her and will continue to grow and foster. It is time for Him and his slave to be together, to touch and caress one another, to continue her training and grow as Master and slave.  To be what they both truly want more than anything. Fate brought us together in a virtual world and with one rl meeting and time spent together, they know they belong together. So come January 2012, it will be their reality for the rest of their days. Personally this one cannot wait. It is time!

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