Sunday, November 20, 2011


The desires that burn bright in me:
1.   To be the best slave this one can be to her Master.
2.   To endure what ever He wishes from her whether its pain or pleasure.
3.   To break down the walls of fear and doctrine instilled in this ones mind.
4.   To wear her collar proudly, knowing its a token of commitment from her Master.
5.   To feel with pride the total woman inside her, either as a loving partner or a wanton beast.
6.   To know that all that shi is what her Master wants her to be.
7.   To have her Master gaze at her with pride when its good and be firm with her when she makes a mistake.
8.   To live the life of His slave so fully and completely.
9.   To give all that shi is to her Master with out reservation or hesitation.
10. To know that for the rest of her days shi will feel loved, protected, wanted and used as the slave that she is.
Deep down this one feels the desires burning hot in her. They will only be quenched when her Master has this one at his feet and then rekindled repeatedly. Together they will deliver (Master) and experience (shi) exquisite pleasure and pain for the desire of the other. And on the other hand be the loving couple as well. Our life will be filled with the mundane, the daily routine, and the unbelievable mix of Domination and slavery  that can only be found in this type of relationship. The balance of who and what they are is in the forefront of Master and shis' mind. The loving couple, the Master/slave, and Owner/ possession, Trainer/trainee. This one loves her Master with all her heart, and that grows deeper day by day.

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