Friday, November 4, 2011

random thoughts

i awoke this morning, breasts deliciously achy, got up,got dressed and pulled my hair back into a loose ponytail, that is one of the instructions from my Master. My hair is to be up in a ponytail or braid till i am kneeling in front of him. Went downstairs and made coffee, opened up my machine and logged into here. To be instructed to do something even when he is hundreds of miles away is such a comforting thought. He has bought me two corsets for waist training for when i arrive there. To be bound in a corset tightly with breasts thrust up seems like a delicious form of training and bondage, see my body is His to do with as he wishes and over time my waist will be shrunk through this training. I am very much looking forward to this as well as many other things He has in store for me, although i can only speak of the anticipation of it all right now, there will be a time i can speak of the reality of it. And i will blog about my experiences. Over the last several months we have spoken of many things. The corset training is one of them. He wishes to also give me anal training so that i can comfortably take him or any tool he wishes to place there, in that orifice when he desires it. He has spoken of enemas to cleanse me, an anal hook to enhance my posture. There will be times i will be in a harness via rope or leather and doubly plugged as well as i carry out my day. January can not come fast enough. He has also devised a set of rules for me, that i will learn and memorize. He desires perfection and i will strive for that. One of these rules is that while at home, i will be kept naked at all times, there will be a robe by the door in the event of unexpected visitors. I will be kept in some form of bondage as well.

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