Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Heart in the sand

i came across a picture of a heart drawn in the sand on an ocean beach, its pointed end facing the water..i know this may sound bizarre, but that is me. I live in the states and my Master lives in Europe. The heart patiently waits in the sand till the waves wash it away carrying it across the ocean... My wave will come in January when i am whisked away  to His arms. I am struggling with impatience here on this side of the ocean, every day little things are getting to me. The weather has been crappy and rainy and maybe that is why my mood is the way it is. I am frustrated with the some of the people in my life. And if i do not put this in check, i am afraid i will just explode!  i took a hot shower this morning trying  to relax some of this tension and frustration.. it helped some. It seems the more i attempt to do here the less i seem to be progressing, and that is not referring to my slavery but my everyday vanilla life. So it comes to a point for me where i either just go off on everyone and say 'f*** it' or i try to find a calming center and just bide my time. I guess i am wanting this so bad to just come around, start my life with my Master that its eating at me. I know it has to be frustrating for him as well to have to sit and wait for things to be dealt with on my end. But the one consolation for me and i am sure for him is that my flight is booked.. and come hell and high water, i will be on it...Continuing my destiny in my Masters arms!

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