Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Had an interesting conversation with a long time friend and former sister of mine regarding labels. I love talking to her because we share so much with one another, and i find her input valuable and precious. We may not always agree, but that is what friends do, debate, talk and work through things. But she is more than a friend to me she is also a dear sister in this crazy life we call bdsm. I then carried on that conversation with my Master. The labels we spoke of was Master and Owner, and slave and possession.  I know there are many labels out there, i guess its a way of categorizing ourselves for our own benefit and to let others know what we are in the right settings. I know from personal experience and from speaking with others there are many levels of D/s and M/s. And what may work for you may not work for my relationship and visa versa. And i in no way mean to dish or demonize anyone's labels as to what they call themselves. I guess labels are a necessary part of life whether vanilla or not.  And often times labels blend together. Or at times you wear more than one. But one thing my Master and i have discovered is no matter what label we are wearing, we are who we are. Its not the labels that are important but how we are to one another that is. He is my Master, my Owner, my Lover and my Friend. I am his slave, beast, slut, lover and friend as well. So one day i may be the slave, wanton and well used, then next his lover curled up in his arms as we watch TV, or his beast crawling on hands and knees, following his orders. And just as there are many different types of Masters/Owners and many types of slaves/possessions. We do not hold steadfast to one label over another. For i feel if we did then we would stagnate and not progress to the many levels we know we both have. This is just my humble opinion. We are who we are, we are who we want to be and we are what we crave to be to one another. I consider myself his slave and its how i address myself many times in this blog, but i am so much more to him as he is to me.  So whatever label you and your partner call yourselves, all that really matters is what you two are to each other. And my wish for all is to be happy, fulfilled, content in your relationship as i know i am in mine. Just some random thoughts from this slave to those willing to read it. Have a great day A/all.

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