Sunday, November 27, 2011


I sit here with the knowledge that soon i will be in Masters arms. Will be at the feet of this incredible man, collared, leashed and naked, awaiting His desire of me. I hope i get to a stage where i will be able to anticipate his needs and desires, but that will come in time. And i know He may not always want me to anticipate that. My heart swells with such love for this man, it just blows me away sometime. The ache i have for him cannot be filled completely till i am with Him. He desires such things from me and i of him, that we mesh so well. We are meant to be together. We are meant to be Master and slave. It is our destiny. He craves to do things to me that i crave that i want done. There will be times of exquisite pain, pleasure, carnal desires, wanton animalistic lust. He has made plans to take some vacation time when i fly to him so we do not have to do anything than concentrate on one another, and i begin my training as his slut. I will be his everything as he will be mine. There is such a contentment flowing through me knowing that i will be molded, both physically and mentally as his complete slave. I have no illusions, my training will not always be easy, it will not always be fun, but i do know that through this process i will be what He wants and needs. And through this process i will grow not only as a complete woman but as a complete slave. Walls will be broken down, my mindset and body will know what it is to be a slave to the man that owns her. My body and mind will crave the bondage, the pain, the mind blowing orgasms, i will wear the marks he places there proudly, from either discipline or punishment. I will wake every morning knowing who and what i am so much deeper and more completely than i have ever have before. This is my lot i willingly choose, i willingly accept and knowing my life will change forever, fills me completely with love, contentment and desire to be His always.

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