Tuesday, November 8, 2011

what possesses someone

What would possess someone to willingly and completely give over her mind and body over to another. Where she has no or little say in what happens to her. Why would she allow her mind and body to go through exquisite pain and pleasure. Why would she allow body modification to meet her Masters goals and ideals. There are so many questions as to why it is that we do what we do. But for this one, its an easy answer. It is something  this one has wanted for much of her adult life. Many would argue that its an escape from reality. But reality is what we make it.  My reality has been up to this point, the typical life of a woman, going through her daily tasks, paying bills, grocery shopping , taking care of home and hearth, etc. In this ones humble opinion, society has taken  out the complete woman in all of us. Come January of 2012, it will be so totally different. It will be a reality of service to ones Master. To be the loving doting partner, the wanton slut bound and used to her Masters pleasure, to be the beast crawling on the floor, leashed and trained. That is what possesses me, my training  will incorporate all the aspects of a total woman.  To put aside the societal drills incorporated in her head, to be free to feel beautiful, wanton, desired, used, taken. To not only experience pleasure but to give it to the one that controls her as well,  and be able to experience pain with pleasure. To meet head on the dark pleasures of ones mind, with the likeness of another. That is what possesses me.

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  1. Nice.
    But tomorrow tell me more of the differences between a woman and a modern woman. What makes the woman so special?
    I would like to hear what you feel.