Friday, November 18, 2011


Communication is key. Whether between a Master and his slave or a husband and wife. Over the last three years of knowing my Master, we have communicated our thoughts, wishes and desires. In the beginning it was not always easy. There was almost a sense of embarrassment sharing my deep desires. After all it was ingrained in  me that certain things were not discussed. But i have moved past that. My Master and i spend our time together almost nightly discussing what we want or need or desire. Just as i have opened up to him so has he done the same with me. The one thing we have discussed in depth is finding a balance in our lives. This one is his lover, woman, slave and beast. There will be moments of tenderness, all encompassing love and times of primal Master and slave times. Just as much as i look forward to being in slave mode all the time, i also look forward to the times we are just us, tender and loving.  As we know you can burn out with out that balance. After all i cant be a bound and beaten slut all the time. But i will be the all encompassing woman that my Master desires, just as he will be the all encompassing man that i desire. My mind races with all the possibilities  that will start to happen when i cross that ocean. Two months from today that will happen. Communication is key, and as his slave i am to hide nothing from him. We will share the good times, the times we hit rough spots and the times the down right frustrations of life can come in. But together we will deal with it all and continue to communicate with one another. We are not mind readers, and if that door of communication is not open then that can lead to discord and that is something i do not want and i know neither does He. No matter how small, how dark or how insignificant i think it is, he will know what i am thinking and feeling. We have grown alot over the last three years and will continue to do so as we move forward and are together for good. Life is about change, growth and love, without it we are stagnant. And  i know that when i am there, at his feet, there will not be moss growing under me, my life as his slave and woman will be one of wonderment, a fierce desire and yes even sometimes fear. But i love and trust my Master explicitly, i know how he feels about me, and what he wants. And i am sure he has a few surprises for me as well. Like i said in an earlier post, i do not always want to know what the game plan is for me. If i did what fun would that be?

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