Thursday, November 17, 2011

Random thoughts

There is something comforting in knowing you are owned. That most of your decisions, daily activities and life are in the hands of another. There is also a comfort in knowing that you will be loved, protected, wanted, needed and desired. And in return you will love, protect, want, need and desire your Owner.Not really knowing what your daily life will be like, (oh sure you have a clue, but do you really want your life planned out, i know i do not). To think that one day may be filled with love and tenderness, the next harsh discipline and bondage, excites this one. To know there will be a mix of pain, pleasure, wantonness, nakedness, integrated in my life is something i so long for. There will be days of typical routine vanilla stuff, and days of dark desires being fulfilled. Its exciting and leaves this one breathless  thinking about it. To know that your Owner will take you places you only dreamed of and it becoming a daily reality is very exciting. Slavery is not only changes in the physical aspects of your life, but your mentality too changes. To feel the sting of a crop or the tenderness of your Owners hand caressing your skin, sends different sensations through out you and in return your mind acts accordingly. Your body may fight the bonds of rope against your skin, but your mind accepts that is where he wants you and needs you to be. I was told by my Master there will be times i will be curled up at his feet and there will be times i will be left in bondage and isolation to contemplate my fate. Neither of these frighten me, they give me a sense of comfort and fulfillment as a slave. To know i am tightly bound and senses deprived will allow me to sink into the mindset i so crave. I have a feeling that when released and allowed to interact with my Master again, i will be the soft, complacent, malleable slave we both want from me. And in the same regard that could happen when i am curled at his feet, naked, collared and leashed to him, content in the knowledge that i am his forever. This one looks forward to the day she fly's into his arms and begins her life as not only his slave, but his woman in all totality. Deriving from me anything He likes and knowing that his slave will give her all to him so completely.

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