Friday, November 25, 2011

Shi is....and wants

Shi is a woman owned by her Master.
Shi is the hungry little slut that her Master finds delicious.
Shi is a woman that is opening up like the budding flower bursting through the ground in springtime.
Shi is feeling so loved by her Master that it overwhelms her.
Shi is so much love with her Master, her body aches for Him.
Shi is so desiring her Master, to bring Him pleasure and pride as shi serves and honors Him.
Shi wants to feel the soft caress of her Masters touch and stare adoringly into His eyes.
Shi wants to feel the tight bonds from her Masters hands, to feel the comfort of knowing in those bonds shi is everything to Him.
Shi wants to feel his warm body tightly entwined with hers in the throes of passion, lust and desire.
Shi wants and craves the kiss of His stinging crop against her skin, or the dull thud of His flogger.
Shi wants to feel the delicious pains He will and can draw from her as He takes what is His.
Shi wants to hear herself moan and scream as He elicits from her things rarely done.
Shi wants time to pass quicker so that they can begin their lives together as Master and slave.
To fulfill both their destinies in this relationship they both want, need and crave.
Shi wants more than anything to be at her Masters feet, kneeling like the slave shi is giving her best to Him at all times!

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