Saturday, November 26, 2011

my slave name shi (pronounced 'she')

Just in case anyone was wondering, shi is my slave name, given to me by my Master. It is pronounced she, like the word we use in our everyday lives. It is short for shibari, the wonderful art of Japanese rope bondage. My Master spent many a moments trying to come up with an appropriate slave name. The name was shortened to shiba. Shiba to me sounded too royal or regal, which thankfully he shortened to shi, its the name i have worn now for nearly three years. It is this name or the word 'mine' that He will use when he addresses me. My legal name will not exist in our relationship. It is what we have both agreed upon.  To be called shi or mine, is my association with my slavery. It is what i feel more comfortable being known as. I feel completely comfortable with this. It is who i am. It is who my Master wishes me to be. In my rules, one of the first things is that i own nothing, not even my name without His approval, and i am good with that. When He calls me shi or mine, i smile, for i am his slave, given these names as a sign of endearment from Him. Shibari is a lovely form of rope bondage that can be oh so beautiful as well as used for various forms of bondage. I am encapsulated in my Masters bondage, whether i wear ropes or not. Hence the name given. Whether i am at his home naked, going about my day, or bound in ropes and isolated in my cage to contemplate my slavery, the name shi is very appropriate for me as his slave. And i shall wear the name proudly and never do anything to dishonor it or Him.

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