Monday, November 21, 2011

Others musings

I have spent a good part of the morning, reading and searching for other blogs of both submissives and Dominants. Only because i woke up wondering what to write in this daily blog. I have joined several others as a follower here. It amazes me and i am not sure why, that there are others that share the same feelings, emotions, desires and wants like i have. I am slightly envious of the ones that live with their Masters, but happy for them as well, that get to live the life i so crave. I have found i am becoming impatient, wanting to experience the daily life of a slave. My time will come, my flight is booked and now i tick away the days till it actually happens. It is hard to want something so badly and not have quite in reach yet. Do not get me wrong, i have daily contact with my Master through  a couple of avenues, and for now that is sufficient. But to see others living and dealing with their daily lives with their Masters within inches of them is what i desire as well. I just have to deal with the feelings i have running through me being so far away from Him.  I have to deal with impatience i feel. I know my Master is just as anxious to have me kneeling at his feet naked, collared and leashed to do with me what we have talked about for so long. When i get to feeling this way i think back to when we were together and that brings me comfort. I remember his sweat slick body as He fucked me, i remember his warm lips as He ravished mine. I remember the kiss of his flogger as it landed on my bare skin. The feel of the rope that bound me tightly, and i smile here because the one thing i remember more vividly than all that was being chained to his bed as we slept. Whether it was the leash attached to the head post, or the chain around my ankle to the foot board, i can recall the feel and sound of them as i shifted  in my sleep. It gave me a sense of 'this is where i belong, i am home'. And the warmth of his body next to mine, curled up together contently as sleep encompassed us both. MMM such delicious thoughts that comfort this impatient slave, and knowing that soon, she will be feeling those again plus sooo much more.Time needs to hurry up and tick along. This slave wants to be with her Master more than anything!

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