Sunday, November 13, 2011


My Master wrote in his blog, of marking possessions. And as i am one of those possessions, this one will be permanently marked with his cypher on her breast and her slave registration tattoo eventually on her lower back once i am in his proximity. Speaking of which, the plans have been finalized, the flight booked  and now i sit here and wait for the day to arrive. Its a comforting thought to know they are taken care of. In January this one will be taking a plane and crossing the ocean to be with her Master full time and it brings this one such peace to know the plans are finalized. Now back to markings, i relish the idea of being permanently marked, to be able to look down upon my breast and see His cypher there, to know that when He takes me from behind he will see the slave registration marked on my skin, so either from the front or the back He will know he put them there as a commitment to Us. As i have stated before my body is his to do with as he wishes and i have no qualms of being permanately marked by Him, its my commitment to him to have this done. And when we are together, and he is marking me with the tool of his choice, again the commitment is there. And even those markings wont last, he can repeat the process as often as he likes, for my body is his. The cypher and slave registration code will be permanent and mixed with everything else that we do, i know in my heart and soul i am his slave for ever more. And as his slave that makes me extremely happy

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