Wednesday, November 16, 2011


this morning i woke up with this desperate desire to crawl into my Masters arms, hug him tight, kiss him deeply and show him how happy i am to be his. I do not know if it was because of a dream or what. There are times this one is feeling cuddly and loving, other times wanton and wanting to be taken relentlessly. But alas He is several hundreds of miles away so until i am at his feet, this one will have to just show him in other ways how thrilled she is to be his. The desires that i have run deep and rampant. From what we would call the mundane to the extreme in bdsm. I have shared these desires with my Master, as i feel nothing should be kept from him. How is he to train me if he does not know? From the darkest reaches in my mind, this one has told him everything that there is to know. And who knows, maybe others will spring up once we are together face to face. This one feels as a slave to be open, honest, and to share not only her body with her Master but her mind as well. I am not fearful of what He may think when i share things with him, He can decide to accept my desires or reject them, he is Master after all. But knowing this does not stop me from sharing them.  He needs to know his slave, just as his slave needs to know him. So communicating desires, wants and needs is a way to grow together as Master and slave. On another thought, this one is excited to hand over everything that she is to her Master. Her body, mind and soul is His to do with as he wishes. We have spoken on so many levels of our relationship, from the everyday lover type to the wanton beast he will have crawling at his feet. My life will not have truly begun till i am there and experiencing my slavery full time. To have that collar permanently locked about my neck, to have my body permanently marked with his mark, to be able to feel the sensations he will wrought on my body and on my mind, is what every slave craves for. My duty to him is to be the best slave to him that i can be, no matter what he demands of me. And this one will strive to that goal to the best of her ability.

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