Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pt 2 Discipline

In yesterday's blog entry i wrote about discipline in the sense of training and being focused. Today i will write about discipline in times when i may need correction. And i want to apologize for the highlighted text, i am not sure why that did what it did, but i hope after some fiddling with it it looks a little better now. Discipline may also entail corrections for me. I am not perfect and know i will falter sometimes. My discipline for these infractions may include any number of things that my Master deems appropriate. What ever privileges i have may be revoked, i may be isolated and bound to reflect on that infraction, attention to my Master may be denied. It can include punishment with any of the tools Master sees fit. After all discipline is deemed appropriate to maintain my mindset as his complete woman. I am his lover, his slut, his slave and his beast. And for any infractions i may entail, i accept the knowledge that being disciplined is a part of who we are. Now for more serious infractions there may be more severe punishment and i accept that as well. After all i am His to do with as he not only wishes but what he deems is necessary. And to be punished whether physically or mentally for whatever it is i may do wrong will only help me to grow and become more of the woman he wants from me. So again acceptance comes in. It is what i am after all.
     My Master  has allowed me to post the beginning of my rules on this blog, which are in their own tab. I will learn these rules, adopt to any new ones He desires of me and together as Master/slave we will move forward in this relationship.

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