Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chains of Steel

i was given this assignment to write about Chains of Steel and what it means to me. Beyond the obvious, as a slave, chains of steel can refer to the chains i will be wearing through out my life as a slave. Whether leashed, shackled or hobbled the chains will restrict my movements highly.They can be worn as a reminder to what i am or as a punishment for what i may do wrong. But as i was given this assignment, i thought of other chains of steel, and here i speak figuratively. My heart wears chains inexplicably linked to my Master. My body is his to mold and take control of therefore also chained to him. My mind is forever changing in what it means to be a slave under my Masters control. The chains of ones heart, body and soul to another is stronger than any chains of steel my body may be wearing at any given time. For its the goal of a slave to always be pleasing, to be what her Master wants and desires. To be molded into what he desires from a slave such as me. There is a fire that burns deep in this one, that wants nothing than to give her all to Him. Her Master has told her over and over that he wants the complete woman, a lover, a slut, a beast to do with as he wishes. He will break the chains that society has placed in me, and mold new ones get that complete woman He so desires. And i cannot wait till the actuality of all that takes place. As old chains are shed and news ones forged for what i am and will become.

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