Thursday, December 1, 2011


This one not only has the need and desire to submit fully to her Master, a hunger that will never go away till i am in his arms, but also has a hunger to learn from others, to see what others in this lifestyle deal with on a daily basis. Whether from the Dominant/Master side or the submissive/slave side. I have come across many wonderful blogs, hit follow on the ones that catch my eye and have thoroughly enjoyed reading many of them. Its not so much about the sex that someone may have had, but the feelings they deal with after a particular event or even before and how they changed after. I also have one or two blogs i follow that have erotic writings in them and i so do enjoy a good story. But my thirst for reading goes beyond that, Sir J recommended a book to read titled Conquer me by Kacie Cunningham and my Master was kind enough to get it for us on kindle. We have many a books on the subject of bdsm, Master and slave, rope bondage etc as well as some books for him that deal with his love for photography, some comedy books as well. I am a very avid reader, whether with fiction, non fiction, fantasy or bdsm. It sometimes drives my Master crazy that i love to read so much. (and the fact that i read fast as well). One of things i love to do is to read to my Master, whether it be a story or self help book, whether its vanilla or bdsm related. And he enjoys hearing my voice. That is one thing i know we will take time out for on a quiet evening, just sitting together as i read to him occassionally. Of course reading silently is different than reading aloud to someone. Where i read fast when reading to myself, i will slow down and make sure that i reiterate the words i am reading aloud. It makes me feel content inside when i am allowed to read to him. Although it will be different when i am actually in front of him, or curled in his arms, or kneeling at his feet, naked and collared, possibly leashed as i hold the book or kindle and read... grins, as opposed to sitting behind a computer and reading to him over the internet. Something tells me that sometimes i may not get through a chapter of the book i am reading, as He may be sitting there doing things to me that distracts my reading, and thats ok, thats what bookmarks are for... giggles.....

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  1. I think you explain things extremely well, I do not fully understand your lifestyle and personally have no wish to go there myself, but, I'm finding your account of it quite intriguing. I may not want it for myself but I am gaining an understanding of why others do, if you get me? And of course there are some similarities to ttwd.
    I love to read also :)

    Dee x