Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ups and downs

There are ups and downs to life we all experience them, whether mental or physical. The last couple of weeks have been mostly ups and yesterday was a down. My Master knows what i speak of, and even in a down day there He was comforting, adding suggestions to change the day, giving me options to improve the situation and just being there for me.  We are not all about beating my ass, or controlling my submission through his strong hands. We seek a balance in life. It is very important to us. We have discussed many times that 'balance'. Sure i am his slave and he is my Master, but there is more to us than that. When he or I is having a rough day we are there for emotional support for each other. We give comfort, suggestions, advice what ever we feel is needed to help the other out. We are a multifaceted couple as i am sure many of you are as well. Its like we have discussed we cant be in Master/slave mode all the time with nothing else between us. 1. We will burn out fast and 2. we need that balance in life to be more complete. We strive to continually maintain that balance, as lovers, friends, companions and Master/slave. So since i had a down day yesterday, there he was comforting me with my frustrations in a loving way. Sometimes things happen because they were meant to, does not mean i have to like it. But i can wallow in that frustration or pick myself up by my bootstraps and seek the options out there to change it. I prefer the latter. So with his love, guidance and patience he picks me up and does not let me wallow. For that i am grateful.

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