Friday, December 9, 2011

Obedience (Radens post)

Total, unwavering obedience to her Master/owner is one sign of a good slave.
Slavery is not meant to be easy. Some play at it, others live it. Mine will live it when finally shi kneels beside me.
Obedience is not brought about at the will of a whip, it is a frame of mind cultured and developed in a slave either by their Master or because the slave''s mindset naturally burns as a latent desire in the potential slave. Mine is one of the latter and I am fortunate in that respect.
Shi did not anticipate or want an easy life. She will have no control until she learns to live a lesson.
Currently shi is learning a very important lesson, that of total obedience. She is under instruction to stop a life long nail biting habit. Shi has beautiful hands which in my opinion shi spoils with her habit, hence shi is commanded to stop.
This task is not for my benefit. Shi will have a greater reward than I when shi succeeds, and failure is not an option. Shi will know that shi is committed, capable and dedicated. Yes, shi knows the scale of her task better than me and she will do what all slaves have to do..... Obey without question that shi will be proud of herself because of her success in seeing what shi has achieved.

It is not my job to thank her, (but shi knows I will). It is my role to take away everything and create and free all shi is to become. Every milestone shi achieves is her confirmation that shi is Mine, and that I am proud to call her that! Mine.

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