Wednesday, December 14, 2011


My Master asked me to write about this topic. Depending on the definition you use for pride, it can mean many things. I do not see myself as prideful, but recently i do have alot to be proud of. The past several weeks i have accomplished some things in my life that needed tended to. Progress was made, there were one or two setbacks, but instead of letting it get to me, i tackled it and moved forward. Head way was made with a family member who had become distant, i believe there that there is progress. Where i hope a relationship can be rebuilt and strengthened again. A project i attempted failed on the first round, but the 2nd attempt has been a large success. And i am very excited about it. i chuckle softly here, because even the first attempt and now the second one, my Master says i have been bubbling with excitement over being crafty again. And he noticed a change in me over it. It makes one feel good when things that happen to you, that shift your mentality a bit to a more positive way of thinking. And it makes one feel good when your Master notices the change in you as well.
I have been feeling rather good in both physical and mental ways lately, and a big part of that is because my Master encouraged me to move forward, make changes that benefited me even though i was skeptical over it in the beginning. And since i belong to him, it is my duty to make the changes necessary to make my life more fulfilling and satisfactory. His love and support has given me the courage and the avenue to make the things that have happened over the last several weeks happen. I am proud that i am his, i am proud in myself for taking that first step towards these changes. I am proud to be called his because his love, support, encouragement and sometimes a slap on the ass from him pushed me towards these things. I am proud to be working on a successful project. Generally all in all i feel really good!
And i know in turn he is proud of me for progressing the way i have lately, the things i have done, accomplished and set goals to achieve, and that makes me feel even better.
I believe a slave can have pride as long as its a benefit to both her and her Master, there are many forms of it. I am no better than anyone else, but in his eyes, he treasures me and not only wants me for my body, but my mind and that mind has to be healthy for us to succeed in who we are. So having some pride in what i do or say or when i serve him is a good thing in my opinion, its a self esteem and confidence booster not only for me but those benefits bounce back towards him.
And on a more personal note, today marks the 1 month countdown for when i fly into his arms for good. And that folks, is something i can hardly retain my excitement about.


  1. Congrats on the 1 month countdown--I hope the time goes by quickly for you. It is definitely something to be excited about.

  2. Thank you tranquility, me too! laughs...

  3. I like the positivity in this post :) and one month, I'm sure it will fly by :)

    Dee x

  4. Thank you dee, but it seems i have goofed on the date of when i fly over.. giggles. Master read the post and proceeded to tell me i would have a long wait if i flew over on the 14th, it seems my flight flys out the 18th, and i land on the 19th..giggles.. see so excited about going that i messed up on the date..