Tuesday, December 20, 2011

He calls....

She was busy with her day doing domestic duties around the house. He was at work, doing what he does daily. He called her, telling her when he would be home from work. "Greet me by the door the way you know i enjoy!" he tells her. She smiles over the phone and says "Of course my Master" They hang up and she prepares herself for Him. She freshens up quickly. Steps to where the leash is hanging and his favorite toy. Takes them down and settles herself by the door. Kneeling in nadu, legs wide, hands gently placed on her thighs palms down, her back straight and her breasts thrust forward, by the door so when he opens it the first thing he will see is her in all her glory. The leash clipped to her collar and draped around her neck. The flogger she places the handle between her teeth and gently lets the falls of it caress her naked breasts. She breathes deeply and slowly, but with some anxiety welling in her chest. Knowing that when he calls her like that she is in for a night of pain and pleasure. She patiently awaits the arrival of Him.
Hears the key in the lock, her heart skips a beat, she straightens up even more reverently, and lets a smile cross her lips. He comes through the door, gazing at her as he steps in. He tosses his bag and keys onto the chair. Letting his eyes roam up and down her naked flesh. He takes the flogger from her mouth, and tucks the end into one of his front pockets. Her eyes are cast downward towards his feet, but she can feel his gaze upon her, like an electrical current running through every nerve. "Greetings mine" he says. "Greetings my Master! How was your day?" she replies. He says "we can discuss that later"  "As you wish" she replies. He crouches down to her, takes her chin in his hand and raises her face to meet his. They instinctively lean into one another and kiss ever so passionately. His hand slides to the back of her neck and he pulls her tightly to him. She feels her breath will fail her as he takes command of that welcome home kiss. Their tongues entwining with one another. His other hand slides to one of her breasts and she begins to whimper in pleasure. His fingers rolling over her breast, squeezing it firmly but lovingly. She moans against the kiss. The scent of her arousal starting to fill the air between them. His fingers glide to her nipple and squeezes it, causing her to wince  from the mix of pain and pleasure. All to suddenly he pulls away, stands up and steps back. " You look ravishing my shi!" She blushes and with a breathless tone, replies "Thank you my Master" He takes her leash from around her neck and tugs her towards the couch. She crawls on all fours in the direction he is pulling her. He sits down and tugs the leash again so that his slave is kneeling between his legs, facing him. He tells her to raise her eyes, and as she does so she sees the twinkle in his. Knowing what was expected of her in this position, she begins to slowly undo his pants.. seeing the bulging of fabric over his cock. She releases him from the constriction of the fabric, taking her hand and wrapping it around his stiffening shaft. She scoots ever so closely.. a sly smile on her lips...as she lowers her head and wraps her lips around that oh so delicious member. Her mouth and hand working in unison as they glide up and down, causing him to stiffen even more in her moist mouth. He leans back and sighs appreciatively, enjoy her warm moist mouth over his cock. His body shifts ever so slightly as his slave continues her duty.His fingers slide into her hair, gripping her head tightly to him, and helps guide her rhythm, forcing her head down onto his steel rod. Causing her to gag as she picks up the pace and he forces himself deeper into her throat. She rises up on her knees and tilts her body to be able to take him deeper. Enjoying his taste, his manly smell, and the grip of his hands in her hair. This is what she is here for. To serve Him in whatever capacity he so desires. Shi is his slut. Her mouth his to use for his pleasure... Shi is in heaven.... (to be continued)

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  1. Nicely written. I can't wait to read the rest.