Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weird dreams!

I woke up after some disturbing dreams, i can only recall bits and pieces, but its was about one of my children. I dont know if you all know this but i have 3 adult children, These dreams were about my oldest, my son. Some disturbing scenes in the dreams, and only bits and pieces. I remember feeling frustrated with him, i remember feeling sad for him, and then it seemed to work out in the end.Then the dreams changed over to three critters i was trying to capture with one humane cage. A badger, a baby racoon and an adult raccoon. How bizarre is that? Somehow in the dream they were captured and i took them to a local park to release them. They were all captured together. Which i thought was really strange! Are they natural enemies? i dont know. Any way, i usually pay attention to my dreams, due to the fact that i believe its my mind trying to work out things as i sleep. I know my son is fine, but there are little things that bother me with regards to him. He is a grown man and can make his own decisions but some of them i feel are just plain stupid. The critter dream i have no clue what that means... i will think on this..
When i woke up this morning i went hmmmm.. what was that all about? Made coffee, took a shower , shaved my legs, put some slightly scented lotion on them so they dont dry out in the winter cold, made myself feel all girlie, fresh and clean! As soon as my hair dries, i will put it up, as i do everyday. An instruction from my Master, that i am to wear my hair up in some fashion till i am in his arms in January. Either in a ponytail, a plait, or a small bun havent decided yet today.
I also as i sit and drink my coffee, read the updates on others blogs. I just love hearing about others and what they are up to or doing, whether it is vanilla or a situation they find themselves in their dynamic. It gives me a sense of connection to others in the lifestyle even if they arent exactly what my Master and i are into. I am grateful i have found this site, and for all those wonderful bloggers out there! I feel like i belong to a community that i dont have accessible to me in my life at the moment. So to you all, have a great day! And thanks for being out there!


  1. I had to chuckle at your comment about your son and his decisions. I love my kids, but sometimes I look at the decisions they make, and I just shake my head. The other day I questioned my youngest son about some plans he made, and his response was an exasperated "Look, Mom, I'm 20 years old now, I'm not a baby." So, at that point, I stopped asking questions.

    Anyway, enjoy your day shi.


  2. shi,

    Don't you just wish we could make decisions for our adult children like we could when they were little...just kidding. I'm really glad I don't have to be responsible for them forever, but I certainly sympathize with you.

    Regarding your dream, it is a very unusual one. Wish I could interpret it for you.


  3. I think dreams are supposed to be beneficial in terms of processing those things that ...... um........ need to be processed :) but more often than not, I either forget what I've dreamt about, or I get frustrated wondering what it means! I think I prefer thinking that whatever it was all about...... that my subconscious has worked it out for me, in my sleep. If only everything else was that easy :)
    As for kids, I'm 40 and still cause my mother sleepless nights lol!

    Dee x

  4. Thank you all for your comments, tranquility, i sometimes wish i could wrap him in my arms and then smack his ass for some of his actions. But i can only guide him gently and hope that my bringing him up the way i have shows him his errors sometimes..
    Kitty, yes i do wish that sometimes i could make his decisions for him, but alas he is in his mid 20's and i can only be there for him as a mom can...
    Dee, your right i do believe dreams are a benefit in processing things we may be too busy to process when we are awake, i am still trying to figure out the animals in the dream though..
    I am in my 40's also and i am sure my mom always worries about matter what i do or dont do. But alas that is life