Saturday, December 24, 2011

He calls (pt 2)

Shi has a sense of fulfillment as she is knelt at his feet, her mouth gliding up and down on his hard cock. Feeling his body body as he responds to her hand and mouth working him. He twitches in her mouth as teeth lightly scrape against him. His hands tightening in her hair, gripping her and guiding her as shi continues to suck his cock. The movements of the two of them, stirring the passion that is deep in them. Shi whimpering softly as her mouth, tongue, teeth and hand glide up and down that wondrous shaft. Worshipping what her Master has granted her, her heart quickens, content in the knowledge that shi is his.. Her body responding to the wanton ways of her sucking him, licking him. Her arousal more acute as she continues her work.. His hands forcing her faster and harder on his cock, his body tensing. Her free hand slides to his balls and begins to gently massage them, he moans gently... then violently thrusts himself in her mouth and shoots his load, his cum warm, a bit salty and ever so delish... she effortlessly swallow all his seed..relishing in the taste. His fingers begin to slacken in her hair and shi hears him moan contently. Her mouth slows its pace and her tongue begins to work around his spent shaft..ever so carefully as shi knows he is sensitive now. She reluctantly releases him from her mouth, and lays her head on his thigh... purring contently... his fingers gently caressing her hair as he recovers. He tugs her leash forcing her to look up at him and he speaks softly "thank you mine." Shi smiles and whispers gently "your very welcome my Master, shall i go fetch dinner now?" He nods and says "yes lets" Shi rises her leash draped over her neck and scampers off to the kitchen. The meal was cooked but kept in the oven for warmth until He was ready for it. She takes the food, serves it on the plates and places them on the table. He had recovered and sat to eat. She waited for his invite to join him kneeling by his chair.... shi felt happiness in knowing she was his for all times,breathless and pleased that she pleased him and continues to do so..Shi knew after dinner, that he would put her to use and she could not wait.

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  1. Masters shi -
    I loved reading this. My favorite quote," She reluctantly releases him from her mouth"
    You described this perfectly. I after my work is done I always feel reluctant to take Him out of my mouth also.