Thursday, December 8, 2011


Is blogspot hiccupping? All but one of my followers, have disappeared, have to blame it on either a program error, something i did, or you all left, hope its not the latter.
Anyway this is day two of the no nail biting thing, and so far they havent even gone near my mouth. I suppose its because i am making a conscious effort to make sure they dont. I have been keeping my hands busy with reading others blogs, drinking coffee, and sorting things out for later for a project i am working on. Its cold but sunny, and maybe in a bit i will go to the store to return some things i didnt use on the last project.
As soon as the rest of the house awakes i intend to get busy on this project, and hope it turns out better than the last one. Although pleased with the results of it, something was way off and i cannot wear it. With the blogs that i have joined to follow i must say i am thoroughly enjoying reading the works of others. Whether its a view, a story, feelings or something holiday related.  And both from the sub side and the Dom side of things. Hope everyone is having a good day.

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  1. I'm still here :) lol! And I'd like to say I'm having a good day but being battered by 100mph winds even from inside, is not fun..... especially being armed with enough ciggies until it passes tomorrow..... with a lighter that is nearly outta gas!! Anyhow :) You're doing well with the nails, keep it up :)

    Dee x