Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pride II (From Raden)

You have a six pack, my waistline is has seen better days, so what? You have a shiny new car on the drive, I ride a bike or take the bus, so what? Your clothes all have designer labels, mine just fit and are practical, so what? You live in a five bed house on a private road in an exclusive part of town, do I care? 
That's the trouble with pride. These days it's more about what you have than who you are!
For me, and call me old school if you want to, being proud of who and what you are beats the crap out of the puffed up, self opinionated possession driven attitudes that are so prevalent in life today. It goes hand in hand with the attitude that says that once you are over 30 you are washed up, once your hair begins to show flashes of silver, you are brain dead and OMG, having crow's feet or bags around the eye's means you cant afford a plastic surgeon to regain your youth. 
My mom had a way of describing it that is too good not to quote "Fur coat and no knickers", and yep that fits perfectly. Pride is not top show, its not flash, neither is it something that gets rammed down everyone's throat. But to many these days, that's just what it is.
Pride, in my view is that warm glow that you get inside that says "Great job.... see you did it". It doesn't need anyone to be exalting your status as a god or goddess. It comes from the quiet satisfaction that you overcame a problem, obstacle, fear, worked hard and just did it even though you may have doubted your ability to succeed. If you are cultured into believing that you are incompetent, you will begin to believe it and you will be just that, incompetent, or any of the negative labels that other may want to hang on you.
As we mature, we change physically and mentally, not for the worse but for the better. I don't and wont believe anything less than that. Sure my six pack turned into a barrel years ago, but it now holds a fine mature wine to savour, not cans of cheap fizzy plonk to piss up the wall on a Saturday night, if you get my drift.
Some would say that a slave should have no place for pride. I don't believe that for one minute. Slavery demands hard work, dedication and a purposeful mind that few possess. A Master/owner should not be endlessly praising his slave, otherwise slavery will dilute into the ordinary. It is for the slave to recognise what they achieve, how well they do and to totally believe in themselves. It is their Masters task to put them on the path and pull them back when they stray off-road.
Forget the cheap, fizzy plonk. It is a joy to savour the fine wine that is a modest yet proud slave.

Be proud...... because you deserve to.


  1. Ok, I must admit to being rather ignorant of this dynamic but have read a little about it, here and there :) I just wanted to say that while it's not for me, I see quite a difference between how 'Masters' interpret things. You sound very serious, but also, more importantly to me anyways :) that you are not lacking in warmth and humour. You come across to me as caring and dare I say humane? But I use this word more because of my ignorance in understanding I think. What I mean is you don't sound like you're on some kind of power pain trip I guess. Hope you don't mind my thoughts. I like reading from your perspective.

    Dee x

  2. Thank you for your comment Dee. I know where you are coming from and for me Power and control should not always be guided by a whip. Yes it has it place, and quite frequently. But in a 24/7 relationship a Master/owner in my view, also needs to care for his slave/possession.
    After all shi gives her all for me to be the best slave that shi can in my image. Thats 24/7 attention. That is no mean feat for anyone, and a little appreciation can sometimes work wonders. After all its about growing together, together.
    (Oh and everyone has a humourous side, its what make the world a better place).